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renoPioneer fisherman Reno Viola shares his passion for the sport with fans on his new show Reno Viola Outdoors. He spoke to us about his new ventures, i.e. his Spreaker podcast and new website, and how his retirement isn’t stopping him:

How did you find Spreaker?

I discovered Spreaker and podcasting by mistake while surfing the net, but found it fascinating – and because of the popularity of social media, I immediately recognized the opportunity.

How did you get into fishing?

I was always interested in fishing and at a young age found a way to make a living from it. In short my first exposure to fishing that drove me to media was entering a Bass Fishing Tournament back in the early 80s.

As stated in Reno’s bio: “In 1983 he conceptualized and introduced the first non-profit tournament organization to Canada called “Mariner Probass”. 

… He ventured into opening and operating Canada’s first Outdoor Super Store in Oshawa Ontario which featured 20,000 square feet of fishing, hunting and camping gear and boasted a 10,000 gallon fresh water aquarium as its center piece.

With the bass fishing tournament trail growing in leaps and bounds, Reno saw another opportunity. This time he ventured into becoming a producer and co-host of outdoor television shows. At that point a multimedia company  and a fully functional post production facility was formed and 1983 turned out to be a banner year for Viola’s media company, as that was the year that he introduced The Fish’n Canada Television Show and a media empire that included several other outdoor television productions, radio shows, fishing publications, tackle innovations, product endorsement deals and conservation projects which pushed his organization to the forefront of Canadian Outdoor Media companies. The crown jewel of his efforts was the negotiation in 1985 of the first and only national television contract in Canada with CBC National making Viola’s fishing show available to all of Canada as a Network show. The company went onto grow and prosper, however, Reno decided to retire in 2006 to pursue other interest and business opportunities.

In 2010 he was inducted into the Canadian Sports Fishing Hall of Fame and during that celebration he was struck by the fishing bug one more time.  In May of 2012 Viola’s magnetic attraction to fishing and his desire to teach the World to fish saw his “UNRETIREMENT” and he announced a new dynamic media product to the fishing industry. He created ‘Reno Viola Outdoors’ which according to the experts will revolutionize the outdoor media industry. He introduced the concept of Internet Radio and Tournament Website. The soft launch was in June, but the full program and website will go live on September 2012.”

What are your best fishing tips, for both amateurs and pros?

That would take about 1 million pages to type, however the best advice is to tune into the show and listen to me and my guests talk about those tips. The show is focused on Bass Fishing Tournaments and we speak to the winners of the individual events.

Any favorite stories you’d like to share?

About a million of them but all too long for this format.

Do you use Speaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

I am new to speaker and have not figured out all the interactive features of it, though it would be great if we could receive telephone calls and tie them into the show.

What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

I rely on social media and the hook-ups that Spreaker offers and I also ask my guests to repost the shows to their sites. Over the next few weeks when I go live on my website, I will advertise the site to draw a larger audience.

Has this podcast helped you professionally?

As the Bio says, I am now coming out of retirement and am planning a new broadcast career strictly on Spreaker and my new website, so I will wait to answer your question on a follow up interview.

Thanks Reno!


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