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RockradioSkultura brings colorful content to Spreaker‘s airwaves and listeners’ ears. Creative and talented hosts come together, showing-off a spectrum of talent and fun as variegated as a rainbow. We spoke to Frank Lavorino on the power of independent radio, and the magic behind the mega podcast station that has been created. Here’s what he had to tell us:

Whose idea was it to start the podcast, and how many hosts are there?

It was started by a group of friends and people who just love rock and broadcasting. At the moment we have fourteen hosts, but it’ll be double that soon. Lots of professional and non-professional hosts are coming together. Along with programs like “Frank Zapping,” “Corsia di emergenza,” “Siria Rock Gossip,” ” Il filosofo del rock,” “Prog-ramma,” “radio cesso,” “Woody Holland,” “Controkultura,” and “La paura fa ’90,” other new formats are going to be on the air soon: “corso di sardo” ” corso di sardo avanzato,” ” la vita a Genova,” ” Tg rock,” and “sbronzi di riace.”

You’ve got quite the complete setup going on! Who chooses the content to be broadcasted?

Each program is responsible for its own content, and, just like every respectable team, there’s usually a leading brain behind it. We’d love to put even more radical ideas on the air, but we’re still building up the brainpower for it. We’re now getting ourselves together to do just that.

Every time you guys go on the air there are tons of retweets from various platforms all over Italy focusing on rock; is it a sign that rock will never die?

Here I’ll be totally honest: we really have to thank all the bands that follow us and help us spread our programs: it’s thanks to them that we have more followers than Repubblica! (Italy’s leading newspaper.)

I’m not sure how to respond to rock dying: we’re in a shitty country, where a band has to pay 19,000 euro just to broadcast a playlist on the air on national radio. In that sense rock has died. Considering this, small and independent radio stations, bands, and entities very rightly should keep doing what they’re doing, organizing and promoting what they have to offer in any way they’d like,  even if in unconventional ways that could really annoy, say, Google heads (the poor things).

On the other hand, Italy’s underground scene is really rich, and I find phenomenal bands that I really like daily. In this sense, rock is not dead at all (and like you said…those numerous retweets are testimony of that!).

Yes they are! What are your future projects? Any ideas you want to bank on?

To become Virgin Radio‘s competition: we’d call ourselves “No Virgin Radio.”

I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix dreams, a passion for music, and money together. In fact, we were thinking of offering free advertising to any businesses that need it (advertising time we had reserved for Lete water).

How did you find Spreaker?

Just like how we found hundreds of other applications that Italians, mysteriously, don’t use: going out to sea for twelve hours a day, circumnavigating the social media and cyber seas. What you can do from home, in today’s world, is really incredible! If only Italy’s bands, or at least the really good ones, could come together, it would be totally awesome!

Totally! Any message you’d like to share with our community? 

Yes, please listen to free, independent radio, the ones that make zero money.

Any rock radio hosts that create original, crazy  programs (making Google happy) can write us at If you’re as in love with rock as we are, we’ll take you in, with one promise: no one will ever be paid.

Thanks so much Frank, great interview!

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