Discovering the Community: Ryan of Ryan Raw Fitness Podcast

Meet Ryan, host of the Ryan Raw Fitness Podcast, a successful trainer that’s always offering information on how to stay in shape and eat well. He told us about his podcasting inspiration and his dedication to helping out clients and listeners.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Ryan Shanahan, Health and Fitness Expert. I’m most recognized as being the “Kettlebell Infomercial Guy.”

How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

For the past three years I’ve wanted to start podcasting, but the technology required was just too technical for me. After listening to a Joe Rogan podcast this past January, I was inspired to finally start a podcast. I started googling “how to start a podcast” and eventually found the Spreaker website and app, which are so simple to use. Literally all you have to do is press a button and talk, and you have a podcast.

Yes, great! How did you get into fitness?

It was August 1988 when I saw and bought my first Joe Weider Muscle & Fitness magazine and immediately sensed fitness was in my bones.

What are your favorite exercising tips?

You will have to listen to my podcast for those secrets to be unveiled .

We will! Any favorite stories from your experience in training or podcasting you’d like to share?

This isn’t a favorite story, but it’s an interesting story. After episode #6 I got a lot of angry emails from people!?!

Can’t at all understand why! What are common misconceptions on keeping fit?

You don’t have to workout 2 hours a day, 7 days a week to make your body look good. You can get amazing results with a few intense 20 minute workouts each week.

Well, I think a lot of people will be happy to hear that. Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

I have not yet explored Spreaker’s interactive features.

We hope you do soon. What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

To be honest, I feel if a listener finds my podcast without any prompting, then it was meant to be and the content will be more valuable to the listener .

Has this podcast helped you professionally?

Podcasting has helped me personally express myself and has also provided a reason to interview other fitness professionals and help share their knowledge to listeners.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Check out my Live Online Fitness classes at, and keep listening to the Ryan Raw Podcast, because I plan for the podcast to get even more raw!

Great job with the show!

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