Discovering the Community: The Angel Clark Show

angelThe Angel Clark Show, hosted by the passionate and energetic Angel, is your source for the latest news and perspectives on economics and civil liberties. Angel was kind enough to speak to us about her show’s direction towards news and politics, her roots in radio, and her fearlessness in broadcasting. Read up, you’ll be inspired!

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Angel Clark! I’m a gamer and sci-fi dork who spends her days talking and writing about politics! I live at the beach in Delaware.

Pleased to meet you! How did you get into politics?

I started blogging about how frustrating the local politics in my small town were, my blog started getting hits, and one thing led to another.

Do you see yourself as a political commenter, or more of a news source?

I am a political commentator and a news source! I speak about the news, normally within hours of it happening, but I am biased during my radio show. A news source should be objective, and I have a very important objective! I want people to see the world the way I do, so I’m timely, but not objective.

I also write for the Examiner. As a writer, I am objective and timely, so much more of a news source. It’s so difficult to keep my own opinion quelled while I write because I have to keep my style out of it! On the bright side, my writing helps send people to my show, and my show helps send people to my writing!

Had you already been podcasting before coming to Spreaker?

I was working as a talk radio host and had my schedule changed. I decided that I was going to start a podcast during the same time that my show had been on previously. So I started looking around for a podcast program I could use that had the best audio.

How did you find Spreaker?

I was desperate to find a podcasting avenue that had good audio and was affordable. I listened to other programs *cough* BlogTalkRadio *cough* and it sounded like you were listening to a badly connected phone call. I spent hours researching the best audio podcasting programs, and ended up with Spreaker! Spreaker was actually relatively new when I joined, but with the affordable price and great audio (as well as the user-friendly dashboard), I figured it wasn’t going anywhere but up, so it was a reliable podcasting company.

Thanks! What do you like most about using Spreaker?

Nothing can compare to Spreaker’s audio quality! I can’t stand to listen to static-filled radio, and with smart phones being everywhere, people are choosing their own radio, instead of scanning the dial. My podcast audio sounds as good as my radio feed, which is important to me!

And it’s important to us, too. Do you worry about sparking arguments before bringing any¬†controversial subject to the airwaves?

If I don’t p*ss off at least five people a day, I’m doing something wrong!

Great answer. Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your listeners?

Actually, I have a chat room built into my own website,, that gathers listeners from the 42 different streams to the Angel Clark Show. I do, however, keep an eye on Spreaker’s chat room and talk to the people in there, but I don’t do shout-outs (I get way too many requests for them, I’d never get to the show!).

Where do you hope your podcast will take you (personally or professionally)?

Right now, my podcast is my job! I started out and using Spreaker’s dashboard was able to sell advertisements for my show. It was also pretty easy to add them into the audio. So now, I write for and do The Angel Clark Show, Monday – Friday from 5-7 pm EST. I’d like to reach more listeners, but that will come with time I think! I have found that consistency is key!

Thanks Angel, that was great! 

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