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Discovering the Community: The Bud and Roach Show

You may be familiar with The Bud and Roach Show as the place “where truth happens,” a place where alternative news and content flow freely. We talked to the charming hosts Alex and Alonzo about their inspirations, and how and why they started their show.

How did you guys become a part of the Free Mind Network?

Alex: Well the Free Mind Network was something I created not too long ago. I have a small group of friends, and we are all very talented at what we do. Using the concept of “strength in unity,” I basically put together this network so that we all can promote each other, and help each other grow as artists and entrepreneurs. Being that we all pretty much grew up together, I guess you can say that the Free Mind Network kind of always existed, only now it has a name.

Alonzo: Just being around, and being apart of everything thats been going on for the last few years. We all jumped onboard with the Free Mind Network idea because there is always strength in numbers. Every time one of us promotes the Free Mind Network, we promote everyone else too, so one hand basically washes the other. And that allows us to keep reaching people, while still helping each other out as often as we could.

Cool! What interested you in podcasting?

Alex: I talk a lot, lol. I’m a musician who loves the stage, so interacting with people comes natural to me. I played a gig earlier this year, and before the performance, I had some friends come up and do some spoken word. Before my set, I went on stage to read an excerpt from a book I had started writing, about the truth of what’s happening in our current world. There was a group of people in the audience that were talking very loud, and I ended up cursing them out while on stage. It’s funny to think about it now, but I really did go off on these people for not listening to what I had to say. Shortly after that, the idea of having a show in which I can speak my mind with no interruptions came about. And having been a big Howard Stern fan, uncensored talk radio just seemed the way to go. Hence the birth of Bud and Roach.

Alonzo: It took a long time to try to come up with the perfect idea for Bud and Roach. It’s an idea that we’d had for quite awhile and could never really conceptualize it. It went from a TV show, to a cartoon, to skits, to being left alone for a few years until we got the idea to start a podcast after listening to one YouTube.

Were you always interested in current events and politics? What drove you to offering alternative news?

Alex: The media is controlled by 6 major corporations. It’s a very small group of people who control everything the general public is seeing and hearing. I wasn’t always interested in this stuff. I was raised in a religious household. But after being excommunicated from the religion, and witnessing first hand what happens to those who think for themselves, I started researching everything. I wanted to expose the lies. It started with christianity, then to religion, then to government, and so on. Now it’s just a part of my life. We expose the lies everywhere.

Alonzo: Actually, yes. I was in honors class in 5th grade, and our teacher was a real hard-ass. She was one of the meanest people I’d ever met in my life. She set her own curriculum, but one of the activities she had us do frequently was current events. She had us reading the New York Times at 10 – 11 years old. Until that time, I’d only really read the comics and such, so I was being exposed to what was going on in the world for really the first time. After that, I became a current events junkie. As I got older I continued to stay up on what was going on in the world, and it took me awhile to stop believing the mainstream media and transition to alternative media. Like Alex said, 6 major corporations control 90% of the mainstream media, and with the agenda that they have it’s hard to get a differing view on events, when it’s only painted in one color.

What do you like most about using Spreaker?

Alex: It’s easy. We sit down, sip on our water, review our notes, and host a phenomenal radio show. And we get to chat directly with our listeners which is always an awesome thing.

Alonzo: Everything is so simple and easy to use, we’re up and running in 3-4 minutes sometimes.

How do you choose the music to play on your shows? You encourage independent artists to contact you, but do you ever seek out artists yourselves?

Alex: Both. Artists can submit their work for consideration, but we also bring on people we meet along the way who we find interesting and talented.

Alonzo: Both. The fact is that there are a lot of talented musicians out there, that don’t get very many shots, so we like to be able to help people get there music out there.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

Alex: We run two chat rooms. One directly on Spreaker and one on the Bud and Roach website.

Alonzo: We run two live chats simultaneously, one for Spreaker listeners and one directly at Bud & Roach

Who would your dream guest be?

Alex: Hmmm. I’ve been called a modern day John Lennon by a few people already, so I guess my dream guest would be Mr. Lennon himself.

Alonzo: I’d actually love a chance to interview Kanye West. I feel like people judge him on his actions, some worse than others, but people attack him as a person and his music, which for the most part I think is genius.

Excellent choices. And lastly, where would you like the podcast to take you (personally or professionally)?

Alex: I don’t know about Alonzo, but personally I want a morning show on satellite radio. The Monday Night show will continue regardless. But give me a morning show every weekday, and let me entertain and enlighten people on their way to work.

Alonzo: I’d personally love to make the jump to satellite radio. Any time of day would be good, just knowing that there were listeners.

Great interview guys, you’re a great example of talk radio on Spreaker. Keep up the great work!

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