Discovering the Community: The Games Cast

gamescastThe guys from The Games Cast are true video game aficionados, knowing how they’re played and understanding how they’re made. Broadcasting from a cozy atmosphere their tone is conversational, yet is always informative. We spoke to one of the hosts, Phil, about their passion and just how they got into podcasting:

Other than working on The Games Cast, do any of you guys work in the gaming field professionally?

Unfortunately not. All three of us used to many years ago – it was on live television here in the UK on a channel that not a lot of people knew about. Now we just do it because we love it and we all enjoy gaming so much,

That sounds so awesome, though! Is this your first foray into podcasting? What do you like about it?

This is actually our third podcast series. Our first was for an older website. Our second was the first season of The Games Cast where we prerecorded everything and then edited together. Now we’re on our second season of TGC and we decided to use Spreaker and do everything live. We are enjoying ourselves so much more, as using Spreaker is so easy and quick to learn. No more long hours spent stitching together audio feeds!

Glad we could be of service! How did you find Spreaker?

One of our friends started doing the The Monday Movie Show here on Spreaker and we thought, this sounds brilliant and it seems so much better than precording everything, so we decided to do another season of TGC here on Spreaker.

What do you like most about using the site?

Spreaker allows us to do our shows live, and without the hassle of editing afterwards. It’s so easy to set-up and use, and our listeners love the instant feel of the podcast. I also like the fact you can have your own audio library of intro and outro music available at an instant button press. Spreaker just makes podcasting so easy!

Great! Do you use any external tools to make your podcast sound top-notch?

Apart from spending a lot of time making our intro/outro music, fillers, and loop tracks sound their best using Garageband, none actually. However we were so very grateful when Samson UK agreed to sponsor our podcast and gave us all fantastic Samson CO1U mics, as well as some excellent Sienheisser headphones – the microphones make us sound as good as we do.

Impressive sponsor, guys! Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

Oh yes, when we’re live we point our listeners towards our Spreaker page so that they can join in the chat and leave comments, follow us, etc. Having a Spreaker page means our fans can go to the same place every time to listen to all our episodes.

What are your favorite video games?

We’ve all spent a lot of time on Burnout Paradise, but each one of us has very different tastes in games, which I know works better on the podcast. Paul and Duncan are big Formula 1 fans so they’ve been playing F1 2012 a lot,  and Duncan and I like football so we’ve been into FIFA 12 quite a bit. Paul is eagerly awaiting the new Steel Battallion game! At the moment all three of us are addicted to Trials Evolution on the Xbox 360!

Cool. What new and exciting features or games do you see coming up in the gaming world?

All the talk at the moment is about the new consoles coming up and in this period between generations it’s difficult to find new games to be overly excited about. I’d like to see a cross-platform multiplayer game that both Xbox and PS gamers can join in on. In terms of games, well Halo 4 looks epic but the one we’re all waiting for is Bioshock Infinite.

Where would you like the podcast to take you, personally or professionally?

We all do it for fun! Ideally we’d like the podcast to generate some income to cover our server and Spreaker costs (we’re going to upgrade our package soon as we like the idea of the extra stats and doing an hour’s show!). Of course, if someone were to offer us full professional roles working in the gaming media then I doubt we’d turn them down, but at the moment we’re just doing it all for fun!

Great job guys, keep gaming and keep broadcasting!

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