Discovering the Community: The Medical Conspiracy

The Medical Conspiracy is Dr. Antonella Carpenter’s way of seeking out the truth in a world where she only finds corruption. She spoke to us about how the show was born, and why she continues to fight against the medical industry:

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Antonella Carpenter; I was born and raised in Northen Italy and became a naturalized US citizen many years ago. I am a Theoretical Physicist, but I am specialized in LASERs Systems, particularly semiconductor LASERs.

Nice to meet you! How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

Yes, I started podcasting almost four years ago because my struggle to help cancer patients was being sabotaged by the AMA, and I wanted to inform the public.

How did you find Spreaker?

Searching online for alternatives, after Liberty News Radio went out of business.

How did The Medical Conspiracy start? What events caused you to lose your faith in the medical industry?

After a silly challenge from potential investors, not really interested in our LASER weapon design, I reluctantly and accidentally became involved in a new method for treating cancer; but the more successful the method resulted to be, the greater became the opposition from the medical establishment.

So much that I finally realized that the AMA is actually an industry where revenue rules, not the welfare of the public.

Has your program been able to bring any change?

Not yet. As soon as the amazing results, without reoccurrences, started to become obvious, the establishment did go into serious attack tactics, but I am still fighting.

Do you consider yourself a professional podcaster?

No. I am simply a scientist, trying to reach the public and inform everybody about the truth in health care.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I am hoping to reach success with my efforts and I certainly intend to keep the public informed of all the developments, even the unhappy ones because it is necessary to speak up, especially when the establishment is trying to silence me. I will bring in guests as I find people willing to bring forth to the public all the present abuses of our freedom.

Thanks so much for keeping us informed Antonella!

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