Discovering the Community: The Mervyn and Bernard iRadio Show

mervynMervyn and and Bernard are perhaps two of Spreaker’s youngest hosts, showing off their talents on The Mervyn and Bernard iRadio Show, “where kids can listen and be heard.” The show covers tons of different topics like kids news and community news, features interviews, and includes so much more.

In fact this past week the guys had the chance to interview Lisa Markuson of the Meridian International Children’s Festival, and get a behind the scenes look as well as some previews on what’s to come. The Festival, already in its 6th year, takes place on Sunday, May 6 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC, and is an educational and fun event that allows children to travel the world in a single day. With more than 20 Embassies representing their countries, it’s a chance for the community to exchange ideas and customs with different cultures and gain a broader perspective on today’s world. Highlights include a children’s parade, tastings of world cuisine, as well as dance and music performances.

Mervyn, Bernard, and friends are sharp interviewers who really help their fans get a clear idea of what the festival is all about. Listen in as they easily chat with Lisa, and then stick around for jokes, sketches, and more fun. Their creativity bounces through your speakers and really provides a great time.

You can check out their pictures from last year’s festival at their site, and can listen in to them every  Saturday at 12 pm EST.

Great job guys!

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