Discovering the Community: The Monday Movie Show

mondayThe guys at The Monday Movie Show have been faithfully broadcasting their reviews and news on what’s playing at a theater near you every single week. Read up on how cinephiles come to be and what drove them to share their passion via the airwaves.

How did your passions for movies begin? Was there a particular movie that sparked the fire?

(Stuart) For me my passion for film began when I was 2 and I watched Poltergeist. It drew me in and I was captivated with what was on screen, so from then on I’ve always been a huge horror fan. (Andrew) My passion began at the age of 5/6 when my dad took me to the cinema for the first time to see ET.

When did you decide it was time to bring this passion to the airwaves?

I’ve always been interested in doing some kind of show, as a few if my friend friends were doing a video game podcast. It wasn’t until last July that I had a chat with Andy, who co-hosts the show with me, about doing a film show and Andy (who was writing reviews for his own blog at the time) was really interested in joining me.

How did you find Spreaker?

I found Spreaker by chance. I was using Google to find out how to do a podcast, and your site was one of the search entries. I clicked on it and found what you did on the site really impressive, and that it was a very simple option to do a podcast.

What do you like most about using Spreaker?

The ease of use of the site and how quickly you can get something up to professional standards done. I also like the fact that you can track how many listeners you have had and how many plays your show gets – plus the RSS feed is really handy as it enabled us to get our show up on iTunes.

What movies could you recommend to a budding cinephile?

(Stuart) Personally my favourite film of all time is Stand By Me, as it’s the only movie that I deem perfect, however if you want a good scare John Carpenter’s The Thing or A Nightmare on Elm Street are also good choices. If you are looking for something to sooth you or relax you then anything from Studio Ghibli is high on my list. (Andy) For me it would have to be Point Break, The Big Lebowski, Dark City and anything that David Fincher and Ridley Scott have done.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

We try our best to make sure that we speak to as many people as we can about the show. Listener interaction is at the top of the list of priorities, as we want to know what people think about the films we review or the topics we talk about. It can’t harm the show if we get people telling us what they think.

Do you consider yourselves harsh critics?

We have watched so many films over the course of doing the show, and we try and be fair and honest with what we think. We’ve seen a lot of films, including ones we would never have watched, and we have a much more objective opinions of them.

What are your predictions on this Summer’s blockbusters?

The Summer blockbuster season has become a bit monotonous, however the biggest film that I have high hopes for has to be The Dark Knight Rises, which I know will do really really well. Other films to keep your eye on are the new Spiderman film, Bourne Legacy, Judge Dredd and The Expendables 2. There will be smaller movies that will take our eye more closer to the release of them and we have high hopes that Hollywood is trying to make this Summer a bit more intelligent than just the usual explosive Summer that they always throw at us.

Where would you like the podcast to take you (personally or professionally)?

We would just like to the get the show a bit more of attention and get peoplemore interested in what we are doing. Yes, we would like it to be a huge success, but if we can increase the listening figures higher and higher each week then we’ll be happy bunnies.

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