Discovering the Community: The Myfatfact Podcast

Listen in for amazing and fun facts on health and the medical industry by tuning in to The Myfatfact Podcast on Spreaker! The well-informed hosts talk to us on how they mix science with entertainment, and their successful approach to podcasting.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

Where can adults find health information that’s actually entertaining to read – of course! The sole mission of Myfatfact is to make people’s lives healthier by making health information memorable. We take evidence-based literature and turn it into short, entertaining messages called a Fatfacts. Fatfacts are written in a way that can be easily integrated into everyday life. As Zackery A. Conklin, the Host of The Myfatfact Podcast, states at the beginning of every podcast; “Knowledge is power, and Myfatfact is powerful knowledge.” Zack Conklin is the Co-founder and CEO of Myfatfact Inc. The co-host is Cameron Brown, Editor-In-Chief of and director of The Myfatfact Podcast. The podcast is recorded and edited by Vice President of Myfatfact Inc., Maan Dhanjal. We release a new episode every Sunday so we encourage you to try and keep up with us!

Wonderful to meet all of you! How did you get into health and wellness?

The human body has always fascinated us. A majority of the people who work for Myfatfact are inspiring, young health professionals. Myfatfact takes everything we’ve learned in our education, clinical experience, and research, to a whole new level. The initial writing was done solely by Co-Founder Zack Conklin. With his new style of health writing, and other co-founder Abhishek Singh’s programming, a database and website was born. The mission of myfatfact has currently inspired over 50 health professionals that actively write for the website. These writers are held to the highest standards with Cameron’s excellence in research leading the way. The study and dissemination of current health information has become our life mission.

How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

The Myfatfact Podcast is the very first podcast we have ever done! Cameron Brown presented the idea during the development of Myfatfact 2.0, which was recently launched on October the 6th. We completely revamped our website, turning our Fatfacts into an entertaining media format never seen before. We like to think that our new media based Fatfact amalgamation is like putting our original Fatfacts on steroids. The media makes the information more entertaining, memorable, and shareable; all part of our mission. We decided to use pictures, motion images, videos and of course The Myfatfact Podcast as our media outlets. After much debate and research, we decided to go with as our hosting site. We couldn’t be happier with Spreaker’s features, affordability, reliability and customer service. Most listeners will agree that our podcast is evolving; our listener’s feedback and new ideas are molding this podcast into something truly remarkable.

What are favorite, but little known, medical or health facts?

Fatfact: “50% of sexually active people end up with an STD by age 25. Do you have a bump and a swollen lymph node? Let’s just call it the “H word” for now. Go get tested.”

Fatfact: “You don’t always need the guns showing at the gym. Keep the sweats on during your lift. Heat can actually stimulate anabolism & promote fat burning as well!”

Fatfact: “Calcium supplements could KILL you! Calcium supplementation is NOT a good way to prevent osteoporotic fractures and instead may even kill you. Know your fatFACTS!”

Fatfact: “Grab a buddy to get high with after school. Lifting weights produces the SAME chemicals in your brain as drugs like pain killers, cannabis and amphetamines.”

Awesome! Any favorite episodes from your own podcast?

One of our personal favorite podcasts thus far was one which we just recorded with Professional MMA fighter Gregor Gillespie. There are many reasons why; to start, we had to make two trips to Long Island to finally get it right; as our first trip ended with an equipment malfunction and a non-publishable podcast. The whole team was extremely disappointed as the discussion that afternoon was truly epic. However, having no other choice but to re-record it, Cameron and Zack flew to NYC a month later to get it right. On the way down all we could do is hope that we could recreate the initial energy which was present during the first recording. Turns out Gregor brought even more energy this time around, creating nothing short of an electrifying environment which blew the first discussion away, and took this podcast to a whole new level.

This podcast has everything a great movie would: humor, sadness, vulgar language, fighting, motivation, and sexual encounters (all just discussed, not performed). Gregor is a Myfatfact sponsored Athlete and an absolutely amazing human being. He has his shit together and we fear for his opponents come January.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

We use numerous mediums to communicate with our fans, including a comments section which we actively moderate. We also use: Facebook, Twitter, and of course Spreaker! We take our comment section very seriously and make an effort to respond to all commentary within 24 hours. Ask us anything about our content and we WILL get back to you! We encourage everyone to get involved; this is your health, and if it’s not priority number one, it should be!

What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

We are all over the place. You can find us on all the major social media platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. We have a huge following online and in various cities across the country. We are based out of Buffalo NY, and have made many appearances throughout Western and Central NY as well. Look for us at future events in and around the entire state of New York; we are planning a variety of awesome upcoming events which you don’t want to miss.

Can’t wait to hear about them! Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

Without a doubt; this podcast has helped our site immensely. We’re constantly networking, and tirelessly working our way up the food chain of respected and well known health professionals. We’re getting many more requests for guest lectures/presentations from various health professionals and respected educational institutions. Recording these podcasts has become one of our favorite parts of this massive project. The podcasts are approximately an hour long and are always entertaining, mentally stimulating and informative.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Myfatfact is a completely self-funded project. We’ve lucked out as most of the work involved with the company is human resource. We’ve slowly expanded our team by motivating needed specialists with a similar dream; the dream of a health revolution, where people are no longer unaware of their mind and body, and their health becomes their #1 priority. We want everyone to wake up every morning feeling their absolute best! This team consists of over 50 multi- talented health professionals, computer programmers and database engineers. If you are interested in contributing to the site or investing your own human resources or capital in this expanding company you can contact us at

Amazing work, guys!

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