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Patrick Lortie talk to us about his work on The Radio Station, the fully developed podcasting network taking over Spreaker. Find out how the project came to life and how teamwork comes into play in a successful way with our interview:

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Patrick Lortie and I am the Founder/CEO of The Radio Station.

Wonderful to meet you! How did you get into podcasting?

This is something I have been interested in even before the term “podcasting” even existed. A part of me always wanted to be a radio personality and play all kinds of music. Finding Spreaker allowed me to pursue that interest and I launched my own podcast called The Boss Show, but more importantly was an integral part in being able to launch The Radio Station.

How did The Radio Station start? Had you known all these podcasters before?

The Radio Station officially launched in April 2012 and started with only myself and 2 other podcasters located in Vancouver (I launched from Montreal). Since then we have grown into a fantastic community of 26 people which also includes bloggers, photographers and of course the administration team. There are only 6 people out of this entire community that I have personally known before. Through the magics of technology, I have managed to reach out to all of these people via free online advertisement posts. The result is a diverse and passionate group of individuals located all across Canada.

Does The Radio Station have a specific goal or aesthetic in mind? Its shows do seem to cover a range of genres.

Our motto is “Breaking The Rules, One Record At A Time” and we stick by it. The whole point is to indeed cover a wide range of genres. Our goal is to set new standards in the radio/podcast and entertainment industry. To one day be the ultimate “one-stop-shop” for all of your musical and entertainment needs. We have comedy, music, sports, video games and even a show about Wiccan witchcraft. You can’t find that anywhere else. Even if you did, it wouldn’t nearly match the passion and knowledge that The Radio Station community have in hand.

Awesome! Do the podcasters communicate between each other?

Absolutely. We have set up our own private Facebook group page where we can share our thoughts and ideas easily. Not to mention email as well. As a result we often witness a crossing of shows where one podcast host will be a guest on someone else’s show. Just recently we had Liz, the host of Can You Handle The Truth, have Corey Hales, host of Geektionary, as her guest and they talked about video games and how to choose the right games for children. It ended up being very informative and definitely showed the versatility of this community.

What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

Social media cannot be ignored in this present time and is a key way to reach listeners. We have recently had the pleasure to welcome a social media manager who will help us exploit all the major social media sites in order to reach out to the most amount of listeners possible. She will also be doing live tweets directly from concerts as well. However, we also go at it the old fashioned way. Since we started covering concerts and events we do the usual handshake, introduce, sales pitch and business card giveaway as well. That leads to the most ancient of marketing techniques – word of mouth.

Yet it’s always effective. Any favorite podcasting stories?

Every day and every episode upload is a new chapter in this already filled book of favorite podcasting stories. Without exception, every show on The Radio Station that I upload is an absolute pleasure and honors me greatly. I consider myself extremely lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and professional individuals who put out fantastic shows every day of the week.

Has this network helped the podcasters personally or professionally?

The secret behind our podcasting success is that at least half of the podcasters had no experience at all when joining us. That’s where you find the raw passion behind a show. So absolutely, you gain confidence in yourself and there’s the pride of mentioning to people that you are the host of your own show. That’s always an exciting feeling.

Anything else you’d like to share?

On behalf of everyone at The Radio Station, thank you to the entire Spreaker community and all the listeners around the world for making this happen. Thanks to you we have reached nearly 18,000 listens and 4,000 Spreaker followers in only 6 months of activity. We are now covering and reviewing concerts and meeting with different people from all fields on our shows and it is an incredible experience. Thanks to those who also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and of course our website. Without you, this adventure would not have been possible. Again, thank you!

No Patrick, thank you! Great job to the whole team!


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