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Discovering the Community: #TwittamiDiNotte

The guys at #TwittamiDiNotte (Tweet me at Night) have got a revolutionary podcast going on at Spreaker, a place where the communities on both Spreaker and Twitter help run the entire broadcast from the discussions to the music played. Take a look at what the guys are passionate about and where they hope the show will take them:

How did TwittamiDiNotte start? When did you get the idea to combine Twitter and podcasting?

We’re two musicians with a passion for music and entertainment, and we wanted to find a  way to give ourselves some exposure and share our passions. The combination of Spreaker and Twitter was a like a lightning bolt, like a lightbulb that turns on and makes you immediately think, “I’ve got a great idea.” The idea came from not wanting to run just any old radio station that broadcasts music, but a real interactive soundboard where listeners aren’t just an end goal but an integral part of the project – we’ve even nominated them TwitAutori (TwitAuthors),  or live authors, who dictate the discussions and plans of any episode through personal tweets.

Had you been podcasting before?

We had attempted another web radio station before TwittamiDiNotte about cinema, and it had had decent success, but nothing like the success of TwittamiDiNotte. We do know that following that first project, we seem to have became a fountain of inspiration for Youtubers and national radio broadcasts who eventually took our idea to make parallel projects.

Impressive, nonetheless! How did you find Spreaker?

Searching through the web we were looking for an application that would allow us to broadcast without any time or listener limits…and discovering Spreaker opened up another road for us. It was a great discovery!

What do you like most about using Spreaker?

We love Spreaker’s simplicity. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, and it allows you to upload music and be ready to broadcast live in a short amount of time.

Happy to hear that. How do you choose the music to play on your shows?

Each episode of our broadcast features a different focus, and it’s very easy for us to match our playlist to the argument at hand. We give a lot of space to independent music as well, and that’s why we promote tracks suggested by our listeners.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

Of course! Using Spreaker is really convenient when it comes to interacting with our listeners, and so we obviously take advantage of that aspect. It’s a great way to interact during live shows and keep listeners up to do with our station’s events.

What’s your favorite thing about interacting directly with your listeners?

As we said before, the discussions vary in each episode, and that’s why we don’t focus on any particular argument. We like to have the ability to change topics so that our listeners will always be curious enough to tune in and be ready to interact live.

What do you love about the TwittamiDiNotte community?

We love them, they’re great people! They feel like they’re a part of the project, and are always giving us feedback and ideas. We’ve made friends with a lot of them, and we’ll never stop thanking them – if people in Italy are talking about TwittamiDiNotte, it’s thanks to their dedication. Our listener numbers grow with each episode, and we see that their influence affects us greatly. Soon we’d like to organize an event where we’ll invite all of our listeners and make an actual episode with them.

We love them, too! Where would you like the podcast to take you (personally or professionally)?

When we started out with this radio project we had no specific goal, the idea was simply to pass the time chatting with listeners and sharing our music with them.  Today, thanks to this unexpected success, we realize that maybe our dream is bigger than that, and we’d like the show to evolve into a career. Every day that passes we realize that we love what we do, and that we do it with passion. We can’t deny that if it were to become a paying job  we would be the happiest guys in the world. Working and maintaining ourselves with this hope gives us the energy to bring to life other ideas that at the moment are still to be unveiled.

Thanks so much for the fantastic interview guys! To interact on the show follow the fellows @twittamidinotte.

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