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Evolving Paths to Podcasting with Erin Sharoni, Host of “The Evolver Show” – Spreaker Live Show #43

Here is Spreaker Live Show #43 from Jan 27th, 2016 with guest Erin Sharoni, Host of “The Evolver Show” on Spreaker and Adore.fm. Spreaker’s Head of Content Rob Greenlee asks Erin about her arts, science and broadcast TV media background that has lead her to podcasting.

Erin also discusses the reality that her podcasting is all about storytelling and her passions for arts, music, science, space and technology.

Show Discussion Topics:

  • Tell us about your background… media, arts, music and why your got into sportscasting and now podcasting
  • Explains that all creative content creation is storytelling
  • Talks about her passion for science and space
  • She talks about creating music and writing for DJ Mag
  • Covers her role as a Creative Strategist for bio-startup InsideTracker to analyze blood health
  • What was her on camera experience at big media at places like NBC Sports, Showtime and CBS Sports
  • How has your big media experience helps you be a podcaster?

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