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Find New Podcasts with Ease with Spreaker’s New Home Page

Approaching new podcasts to listen to is an exciting, though totally overwhelming endeavor. There are just so. Many. Podcasts. Thousands of them at your fingertips, to rummage through like an overflowing vintage sale that just received its last haul.

How about this one? Or that? Are you in the mood for a true crime podcast now? Maybe a personal coach later? Any tip or recommendation to guide that search is welcome, as is rethinking the way we look for new content (and old, too!) in the first place.

At Spreaker we’ve decided to give the entire process our own spin, and we’re thrilled to present Spreaker’s new home page. It’s your map to navigating that immense sea of audio content.
And podcast producers, you’ll be benefiting, too. Of course, you want your work to appear front and center to listeners likely to love it, but it’s easy to get drowned out when you’re competing with so many voices. You want to trust that your podcast will get the reach it deserves.

With featured podcasts, curated lists you’ll love, and content based on where you’re located, the new home page offers an effortless podcast-searching experience.

What you see is what you get

Let’s take a look at what you see when you get to We’ve narrowed things down to a few key sections that can help kick off your search for more podcasts, namely featured podcasts, curated lists, and more clearly defined categories. Podcasters, these are all ideal places to get your podcast prominently spotlighted on, so keep that in mind when working on your podcast’s general presentation. Artwork that’s well-made and appealing titles and descriptions, as well solid audio content, is what will get you considered for a spot at the top.

So let’s get to it:

At the top you’ll find Featured podcasts, which include some of the best content coming out of the platform every week, chosen by Spreaker’s team. Now the Featured section will also be available in Italian or Spanish, depending on your location. So Italians will see and can listen to Italian-language podcasts, Mexicans will see and can listen to Spanish-language podcasts, and so forth.

Just below you’ll find a number of featured curated playlists to try out, like Business and Finance or Technology. These curated lists are each based on different topics and are put together by either Spreaker’s team or our partners. To get a wider range of content, the “more in this list” link leads you to a full catalog of other similarly themed podcasts. It’s a simple way to get a general overview of what’s available so that you can then dive deeper.

Lastly, at the bottom, you’ll find all the general categories podcasters can mark their podcasts under, which can help narrow down your search significantly. So, while searching the keyword “art” could yield lots (and lots) of results, the Art section would present fewer, more targeted podcasts.

Find the podcast you want, any podcast you want

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a Spreaker original or a Gimlet Media production, you’ll now be able to access it immediately on Spreaker’s website. Those of you who  regularly use the Spreaker Podcast Radio app for Android and iOS may have noticed that many podcasts from different media companies were coming through to Spreaker as RSS feed pass-throughs. However, those podcasts were only accessible through the app; now, they’re readily available through the home page, too. You can tune in to today’s biggest industry names while working from your desktop or while running through the park, without having to jump from platform to platform. It’s all the content you can enjoy at your fingertips.

Like what you’re hearing? How about what you’re seeing? Take Spreaker’s new home page out for a ride and experience a better way to discover new podcasts and old favorites.

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1 Comment
  • Larry Smith Oct 5, 2017 at 4:36 am

    I am looking for simple help on how to use Spreaker as a listener. This is not a priority here, I guess.
    1) I’m having issues with not finding some Podcasts, such as Geek Speak with Lyle Troxel or Diane Rehm’s on my mind
    2) Playback is an issue. I like to listen old-young, but only those I haven’t heard before. I see a list going back YEARS when I change it to “reverse order” and do not know what I’ve downloaded and what is coming up.

    A simple page on how this app works would help those of us that are not making podcasts!

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