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Now you can follow your favorite podcasts directly through an RSS feed on iTunes, bypassing the site altogether. Yes, fantastic we know!

By clicking on the RSS icon on the show’s page, a feed will load on a new page that includes all of the past episodes. You can link the feed to your iTunes simply by looking under “Actions” on the right hand side, and clicking on “Subscribe in iTunes.” The show will be included on your podcasts page and be updated automatically.

Dave Thackeray, also known as the The Podcast Guy and the UK Ambassador of the European Podcast Award (and one of our favorite podcasters), has been giving us lots of love and has been promoting this new feature:

“Spreaker just went one better and made it effortless for you to literally submit your RSS feed to all the podcast directories.”

You’re too kind.

Read The Podcast Guy’s informative and loving article, and don’t forget to listen to his actual podcast. We love the way he explains the benefits of an RSS feed and why it’s so necessary for podcasters.

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  • Dave Thackeray Aug 4,2011 at 3:16 pm

    [accepts-oscar] Thanks for the big up! Flattered and delighted you were able to refer to my mini-podcast all about these new additions to the near-flawless Spreaker service.

    As one of your chief (unofficial) evangelists I genuinely meant it when I said that you’re making huge strides towards being the podcaster’s platform of choice. I’m putting together a big coaching series for wannabe podcasters right now based on the notion that we should all have WordPress sites from which we can serve up podcast RSS feeds – but this latest news has really got me thinking in totally different directions.

    If live audio broadcasters can now use Spreaker to serve up podcast RSS feeds, there are few obstacles to obtaining visibility far beyond the already-impressive Spreaker network. It really opens up the game – and you’re to thank for that.

    So keep up the impressive work, and I’ll keep on performing like an excitable seal to share the Spreaker success story far and wide!

    • Anna Aug 8,2011 at 1:11 pm

      Thanks Dave! You know you have faithful supporters from our end too! We’re fans of the show and what you do!

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