Four of the Best Festive Themed Podcasts

People fall into two categories around the Christmas period: those who are overly prepared and have their shopping sorted and the tree up before December 1st, and those who leave everything to the last minute and are frantically running around the shops on Christmas eve. Whichever category you fall into, the holiday season is about winding down and curling up on the sofa for some serious relaxing – and what better way to do that than with a podcast?

This year we’ve rounded up some festive themed podcasts which will not only get you in the Christmas spirit but might actually help you get through the holiday season with ease! Whether you’re searching for some last minute gift ideas or just want to get into the festive mood, check out our list of podcasts and all you need to do is press play, sit back and relax.

The Weird World of Christmas Traditions

Holiday traditions, every family has them and they come in all shapes and sizes – some families have rules about when they open their presents and others about how they like their potatoes cooked. The interesting thing is that we all seem to think they are completely normal until we spend Christmas with someone else’s family and understand that everyone has their ‘normal’! The topic of yuletide traditions is up for discussion by the four women from iHeartMedia in this podcast – listen and find out whether yours are so unusual after all!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping and are stuck for ideas of what to buy – don’t panic. Sarah Ragsdale chats all things gift related on her podcast, from last minute present ideas for him or her to stocking fillers. So make sure you have pen and paper to the ready to take note before you hit the shops.

Top Tips for Gift Giving!

There are some general no-nos when it comes to gift giving and if you want to make sure that your gift doesn’t get left at the back of someone’s cupboard to accumulate dust, then check out this podcast from Katie & Kara. Katie and Kara discuss present giving tips and dispense invaluable knowledge such as: always know who are buying for and don’t go generic. To make sure you don’t fall into these trapholes and more check out their podcast!

The Political Minefield of Holiday Post

Sending Christmas cards – not only is it time-consuming but it is also a social political nightmare. Who do you send them to? Homemade or bought? Then there are the questions like, do I add that colleague to my list? As we all know that once you’ve added someone there’s no taking them off. The Morning Breezecast looks at how the hosts Jack and Carolyn tackle the social dilemma of Christmas cards.

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