Get a Pro account and never forget to upgrade again!


You’ve got your regular, hour long show to record and you’ve just realized that the month is up and you have to renew your premium subscription. A pain? Yes, but not anymore!

We’ve activated a new payment system for your Premium package, making it easier for you to continue broadcasting like a pro, without having to upgrade your account month by month. Once you’ve subscribed to a Gold or Platinum account, you will hold that account indefinitely until you decide to end it yourself. No more having set up your Paypal account or digging out your credit card every month. You will be billed automatically to keep things easy peasy.

No worries though, ending the account is a piece of cake by just going into your settings and changing your account info anytime you’d like.

We’re keeping it simple for you, because we’re your biggest fans. Enjoy!

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