Get Ahead Of The Podcast Game With Scheduling Features

If you’re a person who loves to plan and hates leaving things to the last minute, then our latest updates will be right up your street!

At Spreaker we’re aware of how much easier things are when you have the opportunity to get things done ahead of time, and podcasting is no different. That’s exactly why we’ve made it possible to share episode links, schedule social sharing and embed episodes in your blog – all of which are unpublished and all well in advance.

From now on, once you record and create your podcast you will have the opportunity to create a scheduled episode page for future episodes, informing your audience of when they can expect your next episode to be released. How far in advance can you go? More than two years! The holding page will show your podcast’s image and will state the exact time and date of when the episode will go live.

Furthermore, by having access to your podcast’s link you will be able to share your unpublished episode with your audience, ahead of time, in whichever way you wish, for example via e-mail or website. It will also allow you to program your social media channels – offering you the chance to promote each episode to its maximum capability. Last but not least, you will also be able to insert unpublished episodes into your blog, giving you complete flexibility with how you want to promote upcoming episodes.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for you. You’ll find your episode links and embedded codes by accessing your Content Management System on Spreaker’s homepage and then all you need to do is copy and paste them to your desired places and get promoting your podcast as much as possible!

Happy scheduling!

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  1. ALEX HERE Sergio.

    Grazi para neuvo updates.

    I HATE THAT CONTENT MANAGEMENT PAGE. Why cant it all work from the website directly?


    THATS THE RADIO CALL SIGN I WANT I call it ahead of time. Like WNBC? KDKA?

    Spreaker USES the letter S then three letters OF THE USERS CHOICE.



    • Hello Alex,

      I’m happy you appreciate the new features!
      The Content Management System enables us to introduce new functions and make the podcast management the most complete possible. A simple interface from the website couldn’t allow all the new options we’ve introduced so far and the ones we’ll release in the future.

  2. How do you get to this feature? I went to the calendar page and I don’t see it. It still says we are working on it. Can’t find the feature I would like to use it to schedule GJRB programming. Is this only for people who have websites or blogs? don’t understand

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