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Give Your Show Extra Promotion with Ad Campaigns!

A few weeks ago we introduced the opportunity to set up real and professional Ad Campaigns to run on our site. We know that building your audience is one of the hardest parts to podcasting, but now you can place your own personally-made ads promoting your show throughout the platform!

It’s a great way to showcase your brand and attract new listeners within the community.

Here’s how you can set up your campaign:

From the Ad Campaigns page in Spreaker’s Store, click on Create Now.

Now start setting up your first Ad Campaign! Fill out all the information requested:

Title – this is how you’ll refer to this specific campaign once it starts running on the platform. This way you’ll be able to easily keep track of stats, settings, and more from your settings.

Campaign Target URL – copy and paste the link to the show you want listeners to be referred to when they click on your ad.

Campaign Image – upload the ad image you’ve created. You can design it to your liking, whatever you think will get people clicking the ad and listening to your show.

Insert Daily Budget – insert the amount of money you wish to spend daily on every impression. Keep in mind that 1000 views costs $2.00. You can cap that amount with a daily limit.

And that’s it! You’ve set up your ad, now it’s time to Save.

These are two examples of campaigns currently running on the site:



If you want, you can create and manage more campaigns by going to My Account > Ad Campaigns in the main menu. You can track stats and budgets, edit images, see which campaigns have been approved and are running, pause unsuccessful ads, and more.

So try it out! Hit up the Ad Campaigns in Spreaker’s Store and get to promoting your show now!

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