How Pastors and Ministers Widen Their Reach Through Podcasts


Forward thinking pastors and ministers are beginning to embrace the advancements in technology that are allowing them to spread the gospel further and faster than ever thought possible. Our world has become much smaller while our reach has become global, and online communication is often our preferred method.

Our online world and new media is often the focus of the negative connotations. However, we are becoming mature enough as a society to understand the real tangible benefits these relatively new channels can bring to both offline and online communities.

Justin Wise is leading this rise of the digital evangelist with his fantastic eye-opening book The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication. Essentially, churches as a community have been struggling in reaching its people, but Justin’s book has made church leaders realize that much of the time their congregations are spending most of their time on the internet.

There is a common misconception that embracing the world of social media or podcasting requires an incredible amount of time and resources. This is no longer the case, and the creation of a podcast here on Spreaker is a very easy way of broadcasting your church’s message to the world.


Any knowledge gained that allows you to quickly communicate your important message with your congregation at any time and irrespective of its location can be quite enlightening.

Engaging with your community also opens up the front doors of your church to a new generation of followers.

The use of creative and innovative thinking, combined with a genuine desire to make a difference and connect with people in a meaningful way, is transforming communication throughout the world.

Ever since the golden age of radio, we have been transfixed by a voice that has the power to convey a variety of meaning through tone and intonation. In many ways, it feels that podcasting has brought the art of audio storytelling and radio full-circle.

Technology has provided a new hybrid platform to deliver methods of broadcasting the modern narrative in a language that everyone can understand.

There is a phenomenal power in the human voice and the art of audio storytelling that enthralls and resonates with listeners. Maybe it’s the pure, authentic voice delivered through a microphone that is captivating audiences during this podcasting renaissance.

Modern culture has now become niche-oriented. With this in mind, it should be of no surprise to see a number of pastors and ministers making the most of this resource with a series of religious podcasts delivering their message.


A great example of this is the hugely popular show Dogma Debate that averages 160,000 listeners per month and has over 3.4 million total podcast downloads. Podcast host David Smalley has a simple ethos of providing a platform for liberal and conservative believers to defend their faith and political views with respectful challenges by those who disagree.

Refreshingly, the show proudly challenges the thought processes of his listeners and promises that it may upset you, it will make you laugh, but most importantly, it will make you think. This is not something that could be attributed to the 200+ channels on the TV these days and illustrates the cerebral nature of the podcasting community.

Pastor Joe Myers from Florida hosts the Trinitarian Pentecostal Holiness Preaching & Ministry Broadcast here on Spreaker, who has a simple passion to reach as many people in his lifetime as possible.

Empowerment Praying Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day across all mobile devices, and their website also displays the current time and various countries and continents that give the impression of a united global community.



There is no doubt that podcasting is revolutionizing how ministers and pastors are spreading the word of God. Meanwhile, the congregations are no longer confined to nearby neighborhoods and it’s plausible that they haven’t even set foot inside the actual buildings.

Listeners are free to tune into whatever church appeals to their belief system and listen to sermons on a device of their choice at a time most suited to their lifestyle. There has been a significant paradigm shift on how we access information and communicate with each other, so it’s only natural that religious leaders utilize these new tools at their disposal.

Historically, religion has always been at the forefront of communication technology progressing from printing presses, radio, TV and now podcasting. Now churches across the world are beginning to understand the power of valuable content and engaging with their following, we can only expect this trend to grow rapidly.

Any group that has a message to distribute that can also be made available for someone who is unable to attend a service should embrace the world of podcasts sooner rather than later. The added ability of being able to provide repeated listening from a catalogue of your archived sermons is simply priceless.

Bringing your church into the 21st century no longer needs to involve expensive equipment and complicated audio settings. Here at Spreaker we provide an easy out-of-the-box solution that enables anyone to create, host, and distribute your podcasts from your desktop and mobile devices.

The platform to broadcast your valuable messages of past and present to an unlimited audience has arrived. It’s inexpensive and is as simple as hitting record, and with podcasts soon arriving on Spotify and in cars, maybe this could be your true calling.


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