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How to Build a Mobile App Dedicated to Your Podcast


When you’re starting up your podcast you have to think about a lot of things: the right tools to use, where to store content, how to spread the word, and last but not least, how to build your audience. We know that this is one of the most challenging tasks to deal with, and setting up your mic to speak to no one probably isn’t what you have in mind.

Building your fanbase doesn’t only mean targeting your content, it also has a lot to do with providing easy access to your podcasts. The more accessible your podcasts are, the easier you gain and keep listeners stuck on your content.

Creating your own application at a great price can be the best option to promote your content, render it more easily discoverable, and offer open access to your podcasts.

How can you decide if a dedicated app is a good strategy for your podcast?

Asking yourself a few questions can help:

1.Does your audience come over from mobile platforms?

If you have one of Spreaker’s Pro plans, you can check which platforms your audience members are coming from. If your listeners are used to accessing your content from mobile devices anyway, then your app will only help them along, giving them more direct access to your content (both live and recorded). You’ll be offering a unique place to find all your podcasts, listed and stored.

2. Do you have your own brand?

A Mobile App dedicated exclusively to your own show is a great way to promote your brand, and really makes an impression on potential listeners. You can have your own show with your own images and descriptions, and listeners can download it for free, as well as interact with you while you’re live or listen to your content on-demand. If you are thinking about building your brand, a personal app is a must on your to do list!

3. Do you want to grow your fan base?

If you haven’t yet created a base of listeners coming from mobile, your own app will open the doors to a huge market. By 2016, the increase of the mobile phone users will reach almost 5 billion, meaning that out there, there’s a big potential audience to get in touch with!


Having your app at a great price is easy with Spreaker, and the only thing you have to do is host your podcast on our platform. Once you’re set up, access this page, follow the instructions, and in less than 10 days you’ll have your own podcast app ready to be downloaded!

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