How To Sell Your Product With Podcasts

Audio isn’t always at the forefront of a marketers mind when they’re thinking to their next product sales campaign, but it should be. Reports increasingly show that podcasts are a great way to connect with the end consumer and with 64% of Americans saying they have bought a product or service they heard through an audio show, the numbers prove it too. Furthermore, podcasts have the power to reach consumers whenever, wherever – a truly priceless commodity.  

Why is audio so successful with sales?  

Compared to other media formats audio is unique because of the intimate relationship it creates between brand and listener, hosts speak directly to their audience and as a result of this consumers feel a more personal connection with the business. Also, audiences are much more involved in the narrative as they are invited to imagine the ideas described, instead of being offered the visuals like with a TV ad, in turn, they engage with the content differently.

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From a brand’s point of view, audio is exciting for the creativity it allows. There are so many ways to create a strong identity: narrative style, music clips and podcast segments all give space to develop your brand’s personality. And there are so many different ways to sell your product with audio, from a company branded podcast to having an affiliate sell your product through their podcast. Let us explain the different options available for selling your product with podcasts so you can decide what’s right for you!

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Podcast Styles

1. Branded Podcasts

Branded podcasts are THE ideal way to sell your brand as a concept and furthermore your product. Why? Well, given that it takes on average 25 to 30 times for a consumer to hear a message before they follow through with engagement, the one-on-one time you get with audio allows you to create a deep connection with your audience, quickly – something which isn’t possible with a 30 second TV commercial. As a consequence this marketing method sees better conversion rates in turning observer into consumer.

Branded podcasts’ strength is twofold: there’s no need to pay for external advertising and your creative team can run wild with developing your podcast style! There are some great examples out there in the current market of companies who are smashing the sector. Starbucks being one of them, their podcast Upstanders, is a collection of stories about ordinary people, doing amazing things, to create positive change – the clever part? The mega-brand is instantly associated with positive social causes.

2. ‘Supply & Demand’ Podcasts

‘supply & demand’ podcasts are a perfect way to sell your product, whether it be a physical thing or an info product, if you know what your customers like, you have a power, the ability to develop a podcast around a theme which is specific to their interests. Let us paint a picture, you hypothetically run an e-mail marketing company which is focussed on design, using your knowledge you create a podcast which fills a gap in the market, for example, offering digital marketing advice for people in interiors – as a consequence you use this podcast to promote your product.

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With a ‘supply & demand’ podcast there is even the potential to sell affiliate products (which you aren’t in competition with) which will help you create strong bonds across your sector. Affiliate marketing is an extremely important method in the current market for creating collaborations which help push your brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

3. Be a Podcast Guest

Another effective way to get your company heard is to be a guest on someone’s podcast.

The Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

By featuring as a podcast guest you have the opportunity to market yourself and your brand, be seen as an authority in your sector and not have to invest the time needed for a podcast. You can also use your slot to mention where to buy your products, always making sure not to sound too sales-y, and as long as you’re well prepared for an interview you’ll have the opportunity to really shine!

How to Become a Podcast Guest

How to Become a Podcast Guest

To get yourself signed up as a podcast guest you need to put in some time researching podcasts and approaching podcast producers. Start by finding the podcasts that your current or target consumers are listening to and choose ones which talk about topics that match with your brand. To give you some inspiration to get started, you could search in iTunes for keywords, browse Apple’s iTunes podcast directory by category, look at Google podcast subjects or use an online podcast directory. A list of around 5-10 podcasts is a great place to start and once you have your list it’s time to pitch yourself to producers as the ideal guest!

Sales Options

Once you’ve worked out your method of reaching your consumer, you need to think about the mechanics of HOW to sell your product. For ease, we’ll divide the options into two categories, those selling a physical product and those with a service or information to sell.

Physical Product

In general, with a physical product, it makes sense to rely on a sales platform as you’ll be able to take advantage of the feedback section and reach a broader audience (people that don’t necessarily listen to your podcast but see reviews from those who do!). Selling your product through Amazon has big advantages, first and foremost its reach as a global brand and also the fact you don’t have to post your items (it’s done directly by Amazon). For other, creative sectors, there are other platforms such as Etsy, where the seller takes responsibility for posting the items.

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Info Product

If you’re selling a course or something to download it makes sense to sell it directly from your site and therefore avoid paying any fee. On your podcast you can direct your listeners to a landing page where they will find more information about your product and which you can also use for promotion via social.

use chapters on your podcast

Top tip! A podcast is a great way to promote discount codes for your product and to make them really stand out, create chapters during your episodes. By segmenting your promotions into chapters, you give your listeners visual clues which will invite them to directly engage them with your products. To get yourself set up with chapters, read our guide to creating accessible podcasts.


There you have it, the audio world is your oyster and there are lots of options out there to ensure you reach your target consumer. Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to the cause, you can find something which works for you and your brand. Use this article to discover the power to profit from your passion!

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