How to Sync Skype with Spreaker Studio for Desktop

As every podcaster already knows, tackling a topic from different points of view is a sure way to bring the quality of his or her content to a higher level. However, having different points of view usually means more voices to manage, with co-hosts and guests weighing in on your discussion. It can’t be said enough that mastering an excellent podcast interview or steering a heated conversation already requires good speaking skills, experience, organization, and the right equipment.

So what happens when you’re not all in the same place? Maybe your co-host is live-streaming right from the location you’re covering (like a sports match), or you work remotely (like we do at Spreaker, by the way), or, more often than not, the expert that you want to interview can’t get to your studio. In that case, the best solution is to use Skype, and with Spreaker Studio for Desktop it’s very easy to set up.

How to integrate Skype with Spreaker Studio for Desktop

First of all, you’ll need to download extra software that will allow you to manage external audio sources via Spreaker Studio. If you have a Mac, you should download Soundflower* (for OS X El Capitan or above or for OS X Yosemite and lower), and if you’re running Spreaker Studio on Windows, download VB-Cable for Windows. You can quickly download and install either software just by clicking on the Skype icon on the left-side menu:

Skype 1 blog

*If Soundflower’s installer doesn’t start, or you receive an alert saying it was not downloaded from the App Store, open your System Preferences and go to Security, then General, and click on Open Anyway.

On the final step, you’ll be asked to restart your computer. Restart and launch Spreaker Studio to follow the next steps.

At this point you just need to modify the settings in the Microphone & Sources area:


Choose Soundflower or VB-Cable as the second input. Then, make sure to click on “Monitor” to be able to hear the Skype call through your headphones.

Launch Skype on your computer. Go into Skype’s Preferences and then select Audio/Video. In the Speakers drop-down menu select Soundflower or VB-Cable:


Then you’re ready to start the call with your co-host or guest…

Skype Sergio 1

…who in this case was Sergio, one of my co-workers who was nice enough to help me create this demo!

Skype Sergio 2 blog

If your co-host doesn’t have a Skype account, you can also use Google Hangout. The flow is the same, using the same external software  (Soundflower for Mac and VB-Cable for Windows). If you need further help, you can read our tutorials for Mac and Windows.

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  1. I have issues with sound flower, when I select it in Skype the other person on the call can’t hear me. Any advice would be welcome.

    1. Hello Mark. Please send a report from the app (Open the left-hand menu > Help > Report an issue). We’ll be happy to have a look at your app’s logs and get back to you with a solution. Best,


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