Interview: Carole Sanek at Podcast Movement

meCarole has been a freelance writer, content creator, ghostwriter, and a social media and PR consultant for over five years. She has won 3 blogging awards, and was recently featured in the top 10 Social Media/PR agencies as “Best in the Business” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Carole created her podcast The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show in 2014, bringing together four savvy ladies to interview guests offering great advice for those who have “caught” the entrepreneurial bug. She is currently working on the project #cycleofjoy, where she is inspiring people to find their own cycle of happiness.

We decided to interview Carole because her double-threat experience in both podcasting and marketing can be really helpful to those willing to boost their own podcast. So, let’s just start with the interview:

You’re a writer, a Marketing, Social Media, PR expert, and a podcaster too. How important is it to have a good podcast from the point of view of brand positioning and customer/audience development?

I learned to podcast on the fly, so to speak. I do mostly mobile recordings, which is something I try to encourage others to do because podcasting is a terrific way to get your word out – it is one more branding weapon in your arsenal. The reason I encourage mobile recording is the low cost and ease of use. I do have a complete recording setup in my office at home; however I learned earlier this year that reporters are relying on their iPhones and a tiny microphone to get the job done. It works and is so budget friendly.

As an expert in content creation, how is it different, from a writer’s side, creating and producing audio content? What’s the workflow like when creating either kind of content? Do they have something in common?

Audio production differences depend on the segment of my show that I am talking about. For example, I do a segment called “Less Than 5” Monday through Friday where in less than 5 minutes I share tips on being better at content marketing, social media, and networking on specific platforms. On Fridays I host #FocusRecess, which is more of an advice show about taking breaks, unplugging, and going analog, because many times that is when the ideas flow. Longer segment shows are interviews with entrepreneurs, so I research the guests and always ask a couple of fun questions too. I do not script anything, it flows just like my writing flows.

What’s your advice to a company starting its own show? How should it go about it, in your opinion?

I work in and with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and I think priming people for a show before it launches is a stellar opportunity to get people excited to listen. I always advise teaser episodes be recorded, short episodes talking about upcoming shows. Use social media platforms as leverage getting people to rev up and be ready to listen. Make daily update announcements and launch with at least 3-4 shows, and be consistent after that. Larger companies have deeper pockets and can possibly afford to purchase advertising, but I’m talking about low-cost ways to get noticed at Podcast Movement ’16 this summer.

What do you think is the most common trouble new podcasters run into? And what do they have to do to prevent or fix it?

Getting started is a problem I have seen – just do it. Do not wait for perfection, it won’t ever be perfect. Also, be aware that this takes time, the backend work can and will at times take longer than recording a show. I hired an editor. I cannot edit and I don’t want to, but I can write great show notes and I like doing those.

Which is your favorite podcast?

ShePodcasts is one of my favorites. I like the banter between Jessica and Elsie. I am a huge fan of anything Masterpiece Theater does so I listen to their podcast, also Masterpiece Studio.

Well, thank you, Carole, for all the tips and for giving us an idea of how you handle your workflow. We believe you’ve given our readers enough material to start considering the idea to start a podcast, as a great “weapon” to improve their branding and business strategies.

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If you want to learn more about podcasting, you should come to Podcast Movement and check out Carole’s session. You can also come and meet us at our booth in the Exhibition Hall. Until then, if you have your thoughts or feedback about this post, please let us know through the comment section below.


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