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Interview: Daniel J. Lewis, Speaker at the Podcast Movement

Daniel J Lewis-squareDaniel is one of the main speakers at the upcoming Podcast Movement on July 6th-8th. As well as an award-winning podcaster, he also helps others launch and improve their own podcasts so that they can share their passions and find success. He creates training resources (like SEO for Podcasters) and podcasting tools (like My Podcast Reviews), and offers one-on-one consulting and group training. Daniel is a keynote speaker on podcasting and social media and he hosts a network of award-nominated shows covering how to podcast, clean-comedy, and the #1 unofficial podcast for ABC’s hit drama Once Upon a Time. He also writes about technology, productivity, and entrepreneurship on his personal blog.

So, as a podcast trainer and as a speaker, we think it could be insightful to know something more about his opinion on the podcasting field. Let’s start with the interview:

You’re a one-on-one and group trainer on podcasting. According to your experience, what do you think is the most common trouble new podcasters run into? And what do they have to do to prevent or fix it?

I think most new podcasters run into a conflict with their expectations. They expect to get popular, they expect to make money, they expect podcasting to be easier. Holding onto these expectations leads to disappointment, and many new podcasters give up or shift too early. To overcome this, I suggest committing to make the best podcast possible consistently for a year.

What’s your advice to all the aspiring podcasters you’ll meet at the Podcast Movement?

Find your own niche and perspective. Don’t jump in simply where you see others succeeding. Define your own success, find the niche that you’re passionate about, and develop your own unique perspective.

In your opinion, how has podcasting changed in the last few years?

With podcasts finally going mainstream after years of consistent growth, I think the podcasting process is becoming easier. But it’s also becoming harder to get attention for high-quality niche content because all the mass-appeal podcasts hog a lot of attention.

Do you think that, in 5 years, podcasts will become a different medium than how we know them now?

I think the core of podcasts—downloadable, episodic media syndicated through RSS—will not change, but will become less visible. In five years, we may not be talking about RSS feeds, even though we may still use them to distribute our shows. And in 5 years, I think it will be more common for average consumers to subscribe to niche podcasts.

What are the three words that sum up what determines the success of a podcast?

Quality. Consistency. Authenticity.

Well, thank you Daniel for all the tips and the great insights. We believe you’ve given our readers enough material to start figuring out what their niche is and to begin working on how to produce the best possible show.

If you want to learn more about podcasting, you should definitely come to Podcast Movement and check out Daniel’s sessions. You can also come and meet us at our booth in the exhibition hall. Until then, if you have your own thoughts or feedback about this post, please let us know through the comment section below.


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