Interview: Mike Russell of New Media Europe

New Media Europe is just a few weeks away, and as we get closer to the event, we’ll be bringing you news and information on what to expect, who to see, and what to listen to.

Last week, on the Spreaker Live Show our Head of Content Rob Greenlee interviewed Mike Russell, one of the two organizers of New Media Europe (the other organizer being his wife and partner Izabela Russell) and voice behind the voice over company Music Radio Creative.

Tune in to the show here, and dip down below the cut to read up on the highlights from the interview.


And on to the highlights:

On making the transition from radio to podcasting:

It was really [that] I started as a podcast consumer. So in 2011 I was listening to a lot of podcasts and that’s kind of what started turning the wheels in my mind and I was thinking, “yeah…” And it was a gradual thing, it wasn’t a sort of one day I was on radio and the next I was like, “Hey I’m a podcaster!” But over time I definitely think the listening of podcasts has an affect on you, if you’re in the right place in life to make that transition.

What New Media Europe is all about:

We’re very excited to have Spreaker as the Platinum sponsor of New Media Europe.

Something that was really instrumental, as well as podcasting, in changing my life and my life’s course was attending New Media Expo. We’re really hoping that New Media Europe is going to do something like that for a lot of the attendees coming from all corners of Europe…and of course the world…

We’re looking at the online content creator, so whatever kind of content that is, if that’s blogging, audio podcasting, video podcasting, vlogging, periscoping, or using social media. Although what I will say at this point is that the genesis of this idea is certainly from podcasting, and my heart is in the podcasting space, so I think they’ll be a lot of podcasting at the conference.

If you’re interested in joining in any way go to

It’s the 12th to 13th of September, and will be taking place at the historic Midland Hotel in Manchester, UK. Currently the standard ticket is priced at 290 British pounds excluding VAT (tax), but if you use the coupon code spreakerlive, that will give you 100 pounds off the registration price.


On the debut of the UK Podcasters Awards, being held alongside of New Media Europe at The Midland Hotel:

We’ve got a lot of categories, all based around whatever podcast categories those podcasts are in, so we’ve got arts, business, games podcasts; but we’ve also got a few wider categories as well, including the UK Podcast of the Year and the very exciting…Best International Podcast.

We’re currently in the last phase of voting right, now so people can go to …and click to vote on the one that you would like to win.

It’s 50% online voting, 50% independent online jury. The jury is going to look for things like the audio quality, podcast branding, content professionalism, description metadata…so bits like that.

Music Radio Creative’s voice over creation process:

As a podcaster, usually you know what you’re looking for, or sometimes you don’t, so it could go either way. We can provide the help with that, or you can come in with a specific idea of how you’d like something to sound and we can match that, too.

We have packages on the website, and you can select one with just intro and outro, or intro, outro, and three jingle breaks, different bits and different features and things like that. You can even get a sung jingle for your podcast, so if you want to make it memorable…there are all kinds of possibilities. How far does your imagination stretch with what you can do with audio? That’s what we love to do.

…Once we’ve got the idea, we’ll put something together and try to match [the brief] as much as possible. Obviously the more information that comes in, the better we can match exactly what the client is looking for. We just make changes if needed from there, but it’s really exciting because we have audio specialists involved who are the first point of contact who talk about scripts and how things should be put together. Then we’ve got a team of voice over artists, jingle singers, even musicians if needed to create unique pieces. The audio producers stitch that together to make it sound really good, and the audio producers we have working with us just blow me away – I’m like, “Wow! You can do that?”


The success of the UK Podcaster Meetups:

Izabela and I started the meetups in early 2014, basically in London and around where we were. This year we’ve got New Media Europe, and we’ve been hosting podcasting meetups all over.

Just over the weekend, I just came back from Scotland, the month before we thought we’d give it a go and try to host a meetup on the Isle of Wight, and it was packed out – and of course it had Cliff Ravenscraft which was absolutely fantastic. We’ve done meetups in Manchester now, in London loads, and we’re always finding a group of enthusiastic podcasters coming along. And the faces change every time, up and down the UK, so there’s obviously loads of people.

We’d like to do more with that, and that’s actually a discussion Izabela and I are having right now, “should we be doing a monthly thing in different locations in the UK?” I think it could certainly get to that stage.

The Serial effect:
I think that it’s an exciting time, and the people right now here in the UK, and in Europe in general, are really excited about podcasting. It’s really just about reaching out a step further, and maybe you can tell your friend that there’s this cool thing called podcasting, and then that friend could tell another friend about podcasting, so..the ripple effect. The people I see on a regular basis at the meetups we host are just super excited and into it.

To get in touch with Mike, feel free to contact him directly on Twitter @imikerussell.

Catch his shows New Media Europe and Music Radio Creative on Spreaker.

And don’t miss New Media Europe this September in Manchester!

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