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Interview: Will Fleming, Speaker at the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference

Will Fleming is a full time Studio Director by day and a passionate podcaster by night. He lives each day to the fullest, using every hour to balance family, work, fun, and personal growth. With over 8 years of experience in the New Zealand television industry, Will has rubbed shoulders with New Zealand’s finest, working on the 6pm news on TVNZ, TV3’s Campbell Live as well has helping New Zealand’s only shopping channel, Yesshop, launch in NZ and Australia to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Every week Will hosts a podcast called My Kiwi Life joined by fascinating Kiwis to ponder life, share perspective, human potential and the meaning of it all. At the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference on February 12th – 13th he’ll be one of the panelists, sharing his daily routine as a podcaster. For now, you can just read this interview:

What do you think is the most common trouble new podcasters run into? And what do they have to do to prevent or fix it?

For me the main ‘trouble’ is picking what show to do and not letting your mind take over and freak you out from doing a podcast that you love. I went podcast fishing for a whole year when I first started with shows about geeks, dads, interviewing successful people – until settling on an interview podcast about life,!

What will be the focal point of your panel during the conference?

I would be interested in talking about taking my personal journey into podcasting. I started listening to podcasts because I couldn’t work out what everyone was listening to on buses. After googling ‘what do people listen to on buses?’ the word PODCAST came up. It’s been really fun going from a content consumer to a content maker.

In your opinion, how has podcasting changed in the last few years?

The main change is how many people are jumping on board now from all over the world – and it’s great! Also, in New Zealand, our internet is finally catching up to the speeds around the world, which opens up more options for guests via Skype & Zencastr. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.

Can you give us a prediction on podcasting’s future?

Podcasts will be the new breeding ground for TV/internet shows. You can already see this with Kevin Smith’s Fatman On Batman and Making A Murderer. I believe those shows started as podcasts and match the content model of FREE and on-demand.

What are, in your opinion, the three words that sum up what determines the success of a podcast?

Real, New, Free.

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