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Introducing Spreaker Studio, our new app for Android!


We’ve punched up our app to include everything you’ve wanted – the ability to add songs and sound effects while you go live, toggle the microphone, and more so that you can take over the entire production of your own podcast or radio show.

Take a look!

Tap on REC to go directly to the console

Push REC at the top and choose to go live or record and then publish later. Make sure to adjust the microphone and switch it to ON to keep it on the entire time your broadcast, or hold down Push to Talk to only record vocals when you need to. Want to play songs? Tap on Add New Song to start pulling songs from your device, and set them on the decks. Play as you go, or choose Auto DJ to let the playlist run on its own. And don’t forget to tap on any of the sound effects on the right to add extra flair to your content.


When going live, you’ll get a chance to set up your track’s info before you go on the air. When recording offline, your track will instead be placed in your Drafts collection as soon as you choose to publish it.


From your Collections, manage your individual collection’s or track’s info. In your Settings you can opt to connect to your social networks, manage your console settings, report an issue to our support team, and much more.

Screenshot_2014-10-08-10-25-27 Screenshot_2014-10-08-10-13-33

When in doubt, you can also opt to Take the Tour in order to get a refresher on the app’s functions.

Edit: Shawn Thorpe over at Podcaster News gave Spreaker Studio a great review, but wanted to know if exporting and sharing options are available – and we give him, and you, a resounding yes, they are! You can automatically share tracks by tapping the Facebook and Twitter icons in your track’s Edit page, or by tapping on the share icon of an already published track. With published tracks, you’ll be able to select from the various social media apps you’ve already downloaded on your Android device, including Soundcloud and Youtube.

Now you have all the tools you need to create and share your original audio creations on your Android device!

And this release will also be marking a change in Spreaker’s apps. Soon you’ll be able to choose between two different apps: one focused on audio creation, and the other on listening. Soon you’ll get two condensed and efficient experiences.

Like the way it sounds? Download Spreaker Studio for Android now and give us your feedback!

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  • Tito de Seul (@Urly4Real) Mar 21, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Hey, I’m testing your amazing app. How can I get or add more effects? Is it possible? Thanks frome Seoul.

  • Shadow Media Group Dec 22, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    I LOVE the new android app! We utilize Spreaker to the MAX for our online radio show. Our 24/7 show streams to Spreaker via Sam Broadcaster. We have live guests weekly, and we use the iPad app for that. The new android app is a GAME CHANGER! We were hesitant to cover live events indoors, due to the distortion. I have tried expensive condenser mics with the iPad, still not great quality. For the heck of it, we went to the Owsley Brothers CD release party, and decided to test the android app on loud plugged in close quarters rock show. Much to our delight, we streamed the entire show using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the app/phone never peaked out! Smooth, no distortion. Game changer for us, our show will hit the road more often now for sure!

  • forceone2000 Nov 24, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    this is really cool, but i have an ios device, and there is no auto dj which i desperately need right now
    spreaker dj needs some of these upgrades…please !

  • Washington Rada Oct 18, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Please fix the auto dj it wont work thanks
    washington rada

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