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Join Our Android Beta Testing Program!

Know what you want? Know what you like? Want to tell us at Spreaker exactly what you’re thinking? Have your say and help us improve our apps by joining our Android Beta Testing Program!

We get that the best way to understand our apps’ shortcomings, as well as how to make the next best move, is to hear our users out first. With this Android Beta Testing Program, you’ll get exclusive looks at new features before they’re released, and be able to give us constructive feedback directly.

To join, sign up here:

Get updates of the beta versions of Spreaker Podcast Radio

Get updates of the beta versions of Spreaker Studio

You’ll be alerted with updates every time a new feature needs to be tested out; just download it directly onto your device and see it in action. Once you’ve taken a test-drive, you can give us your constructive feedback in the form found in the Help section of the app itself, from the main Menu.

We have two upcoming releases for you to try out, so if you want to be one of the very first users to see them, you know what to do! 

And of course, share your thoughts and comments below.

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