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(Updated on March 2019) Attention to detail. We know you’re into it. Especially when it comes to how your podcast is portrayed and played. After the recording itself, your website look is probably what you fuss over the most. And rightly so – brand consistency is key to appearing professional, and your embedded player is no exception.

So here’s the good news: Spreaker’s updated embedded player now slips in even better with your own branding – discrete, minimal, and powerful.

Visible branding that’s ALL yours

Guiding your listeners to your homebase to listen to your podcast allows you to keep your branding and distribution exactly how you want it. Even your chosen font on your website is connected to your distinctive look. The updated player is therefore geared for that level of customization, providing a white label solution with the option to remove the Spreaker logo.

Through Spreaker’s CMS, you might choose this if the logo happens to clash with your background image, or if you simply prefer not to have any text displayed aside from the episode title. You might decide that it just looks more professional for your own logo to be the only one featured prominently on your website.

S’alright though, Speaker will keep doing its thing behind the scenes – including tracking plays, downloads, and likes from that page – while your clean look can take the spotlight center stage.

More control over social engagement

Another new possibility with Spreaker’s embedded player is to remove the comments, likes, and share icons or add the download one. With each platform you distribute your podcast from, it’s important to identify your audience and key aims. If you like to think of your website as a space for a deeper engagement with your content, it’s worth considering that choosing the right buttons can actually help you keep people on the website, listening to the player while they navigate through the pages. It all depends on your particular needs, so feel free to adapt the embedded player to yours.

Again, it also comes down to branding. By removing the buttons, the player looks even simpler and slicker – directing more focus on the personalized elements that you WANT to draw attention to.

Still plenty of customizing!

A clean canvas doesn’t mean an empty one! Your embedded player should definitely rock its own look and function according to your particular requirements.

Adding background picture to the player, such as an image that reflects your topic or your own headshot, is a great visual cue for your listeners visiting your website. Keep the player matching the tone of your website by choosing between dark and light themes.

Do you want your content to start playing automatically when a LIVE starts? It’s all up to you. And if you’re using a site you can add the embedded player without needing a special the plug-in! Get the lowdown on these popular customization options here!

Hey, looking good and oh-so professional! Go into Spreaker’s CMS and customize your embedded player!

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  1. This is a fantastic feature. I love how Spreaker gives us so many options for embedding the player. This will look great on my Patreon page or my blog.

      • Tonia, my pleasure. However, I did find out that the embed doesn’t work on Patreon. They use an integration with a site called Embedly and it looks like Spreaker isn’t on the list of Embedly sites. Have you guys ever looked into being added to the Embedly library. I know that Anchor, Spotify, AudioBoom, Mixcloud and a few other audio providers are on the list.

  2. Thanks for giving us the optional features Spreaker, I am happy you open up the door to give me more options for my show and branding, this helps me to stick with your service and not consider others or my own player, I am very happy with these new features and service, I am looking to a lasting relationship with Spreaker.

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