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Podcasting has never been a one-sided affair – your content was made for an audience that could listen in and fully engage with it. Once you hit publish, your focus shifts from your own content to those out there waiting for you, and that includes reaching new listeners as well as those that have been there all along.

A customized Mobile App dedicated to your podcast is a great way to distribute your podcast out to listeners, get them hooked, and keep them coming back. While it’s important to spread your content through as many channels as possible, you don’t want your relationship with your audience to spread thin. A Mobile App bridges that gap between you and them and keeps things direct; your listeners download the app that you branded and created yourself, and your content gets to their ears in no time.  

Why should I get a Mobile App

Effective distribution depends heavily on accessibility – in other words, reaching listeners means making sure your podcast can be easily found. Once listeners have downloaded your app – and Mobile Apps are generally easy to find in both the App Store and Google Play; it’s a matter of simply searching your podcast’s title – they’ll have all of your podcast’s episodes at the ready, plus they’ll be notified as soon as you’ve published something new or are streaming live. There’s no wading through other podcasts’ content, or missing last week’s episodes too far down the queue.

Furthermore, they can like and leave comments on your episodes as well as chat with you as you stream live; your communication is always direct and personal. You’re offering your listeners an exclusive experience reserved just for them.

Mobile Apps are also wonderful ways to pump up your brand. Having a well-made product, like an app created in-house, looks professional and makes a great impression on new listeners (and potential sponsors, too). Since you can customize it yourself with your own images and metadata, your brand comes through crystal clear throughout its entire interface.

What are the benefits for your brand?

Many of Spreaker’s podcasters have created their own Mobile Apps, offering their audience special access to their podcasts. Let’s take a look at a few that have benefited in particular:

Charismatic Italian DJ and radio host Alessio Bertallot reaches 2,800 loyal listeners daily through his Radio Casa Bertallot apps. No matter where they are, listeners can always press play in hopes of catching their favorite songs or making a request through the chatbox.

Android iOS

Jason Hawes and JV Johnson go niche with their live weekly broadcast, Beyond Reality Radio, discussing paranormal happenings together with guests and call-ins. In the past year, their apps have amassed over 3,000 downloads.

Android iOS

While Fernando Berlin, formerly of Spain’s La Sexta, was first introduced to fans through his work at Cadena Ser, it was his departure from the network that really caught people’s attention. He carried this newfound fanbase with him to his morning news and political podcast La Cafetera, and listeners seem to have fully embraced the Mobile App.

Android iOS


How can you create your own?

The key to Mobile Apps is customization – the look and branding are up to you, just complete the template provided. Apart from the app’s title and description, you can upload your choice of images as the default image, app icon, app store icon, splash screen feature image, and more, depending on whether you’re working on an iOS or Android app. The template can be saved as a draft, so you can always come back to work on it later.

Once you’ve added all the details required and your draft is complete, hand the app off to Spreaker’s team by clicking on SUBMIT. You have two choices:

  • Spreaker’s team will take care of the rest from this point. We’ll build the app and then submit it to the store it needs to be in. Once it gets approved, we’ll make sure it always stays up-to-date with any system updates that may come up, and you can just sit back and record your next new episode, or, you know, relax.
  • We’ll build the app, but instead of submitting it, we’ll hand it back to you. It will be up to you to submit it on your own (though you must have a Developer account with the App Store or Google Play to do this), and then maintain it while it’s available in the store. While this might not be a viable or appealing solution to everyone, submitting your own app does have it’s own advantages, like the ability to charge per download, so it’s something to consider.

Distribution, engagement, and branding are essential to the success of your podcast, and a customized Mobile App dedicated to your podcast takes care of them all. It’s carefree accessibility that you can provide your listeners, and keeps you closest to them.

Create one for your podcast now and reap the benefits of carefree podcasting!

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