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The Keys to Growing your Podcast – Spreaker Live Show #77


In the new episode of the Spreaker Live Show episode  #77 from Wednesday, August 18th show. We discussed three important podcasting topics with Spreaker Head of Content, Rob Greenlee:

  • Keys to Growing your Podcast
  • Finding Podcast Discovery and Listening Simplicity
  • How Music and Sound Effects Make Your Podcast Better

Read more to see show notes and links discussed in this 41 minute podcast episode.

Show notes from the topics discussed and also posted to the Spreaker Blog:

How Music and Sound Effects Make Your Podcast Better

  • Breaking up segments during your episode with music is cool
  • Podcast intros or jingles are great to have in your show
  • Background music for “talky” podcasts is ok in moderation
  • Make sure this music adds to your people experience and does not delay getting to the content

Get the New Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects Library

Rob Greenlee will be at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

  • South Philadelphia area on Sept 9-10, 2016
  • Moderating Hall of Fame Panel and Sponsoring an awards event
  • Live streaming from the event

I wrote an article about “Finding Podcast Discovery and Listening Simplicity” at my personal website:

  • I am reminded every time I step into a car with an AM/FM radio about the concept of simplicity
  • We have seen usability and simplicity gains of podcasting technology over the past 10 years.
  • The power of radio is linked to creating a more lean back type of experience
  • Human curation of audio and original content creation has always been strength of broadcast radio stations
  • We have seen the gradual erosion of the content quality and originality at radio stations as the cost of curation has gone up.
  • Smartphones and smart agent technologies like Siri, Cortana and Alexa/Echo are pushing into a new era
  • This direction seems complex and potentially confusing to podcast listeners
  • The best example of this is the Amazon Alexa/Echo interactive voice platform. Read full article

Let’s Dive into our main topic this week “Keys to Growing your Podcast Audience”

  • Take a long-term view on the process – months and years of consistent production of your podcast
  • Produce quality audio content – means great audio quality, thoughtful topics and guest that entertain and engage listeners
  • Drive some level of emotion in your audience. These are not easy things to do consistently week over week
  • Quality Cover Art for your show – min 1400×1400 .jpg, Simple but with strong colors and large bold fonts
  • Descriptive series and episode show notes, ideally with timestamps content location references.
  • Distribution is key to your long-term growth. Be where audio listening is happening today.
  • Building subscribers in iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app is critical to growing your show, you want to connect with people, not listeners
  • Subscriber growth is done in iTunes, by creating direct links to go to your show page in iTunes
  • Drive potential people or listeners to Google Play Music Podcasts area and Stitcher
  • Sharing links to you show pages in those platforms via social media, email footers, social media profiles, websites and print materials
  • Setup easy to mention bit.ly links… add “&ls=1” to the end of your direct link to your page in iTunes
  • Google Play is at: g.co/podcastportal
  • Get on other podcast/radio shows, be a speaker at events in your genre

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