Spreaker’s Staff Pick of the Week: Laurie Ann Smith on Spreaker!


This week, Daniele’s pick!

smithLaurie Ann Smith is a child abuse prevention public speaker and advocate, and a survivor of child abuse herself.  She is quite the accomplished host, as she is also an author, internet radio host, and blogger. On her relatively new podcast, Laurie Ann Smith on Spreaker, not only does she actually talk a little bit about everything, she also, very importantly, gives a voice to abuse victims. With  her show, she takes listeners along on her life journey. She loves learning, and takes what she learns to improve upon herself as well as grow spiritually.

Laurie’s podcast is an excellent reflection of herself, and she seeks to relate to other abuse victims, and give them a voice. She is a positive spirit to her listeners, and is open to exchanging experiences and information. Education is key when it comes to protecting children, and so it is always important that we keep open.

Check out her site to see what she’s been up to, and follow her on Twitter too @lausmi.

Keep listening to Spreaker for great voices and podcasts!

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  • Laurie Ann Smith May 26,2013 at 5:28 am

    A BIG HUGE THANKS for this awesome review from Spreaker Staff. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words!! I hope to be a voice for those who cannot speak out, the abused, the people and children suffering in silence. I hope to be a voice of hope and continue to educate the public on the issue of child abuse, and a voice of hope for survivors!! NEVER GIVE UP!! Keep reaching out!!

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