Looking Good When You Auto-Share

Podcasting doesn’t end when you hit “Publish.” Your content needs to get to your listeners’ ears, and effective distribution means sharing your content quickly and looking good while you do it. But when your podcasting to-do list is already inundated with different tasks – mixing, editing, uploading, describing, tagging – some of the process risks falling by the wayside.

That’s why we’ve been focusing so much on the new CMS, to offer you a dashboard full of quality tools and features to help you every step of the way. Today, we’re eager to show you the newest addition: the ability to auto-share “camera-ready” episodes to all your social networks.

Here’s what we mean:

Connect to listeners with the help of auto-sharing

Distribution isn’t just about garnering plays and downloads, it’s also about interacting with your listeners and building a relationship, because in the end you’re sharing your podcast with them.

The best way to go about it is to find out where they are, to be connected to the social networks they’re active in.

Now, make no mistake, there are a lot of social networks out there. Just the idea of sharing your episodes’ links to each manually, one by one, sounds overwhelming. But with the CMS, you can cover lots of ground quickly with a simplified distribution process: connect to multiple social networks and enable auto-sharing.


Check it out in the CMS’ Settings page, under Connected Accounts; you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Tumblr, and set things up so that every new episode you publish on Spreaker will automatically get shared to your pages. It’s all taken care of as soon as you hit “Publish.”

Look good no matter where you’re found

The importance of appealing podcast artwork keeps coming up again and again, but not without good reason. Getting listeners to tune in is as much about attracting them with great visuals as it is a catchy title, plus you want to keep your brand present in people’s minds, no matter where your episodes get shared to. So how can you make sure that things look right when everything is getting shared automatically for you?

The CMS takes care of that, too. You’ve always been able to add dedicated images to each episode you create, but in the off chance you forget to or choose not to, your cover image will now automatically get used in its place. So no matter where your listeners find it, your podcast looks its best, and stays aligned with your brand.


How’s that for convenience? With the CMS you’ll find the professional tools and features you need for every step of the podcasting process. From how you sound to how you look, your listeners will always get your complete podcast package. Set up auto-sharing on your podcast now.

So, what do you think about the update? Like it as much as we do? Let us know!

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