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How to Measure Your Podcast Analytics with Spreaker

As content creators, podcasters must be able to measure the success and strengths of their product. Understanding the full scope of the stats and data available can be a challenge, but is necessary to improving the quality of your content. Essentially, the more resources you have on your listeners, the greater the possibility of creating better, appealing content, as well as connecting with sponsors and advertisers.

Avoid fragmented distribution

Before we take a look at how Spreaker’s podcast analytics work, consider that the best way to have your listeners consume your podcast is by playing it on a website or through a mobile app on demand. Downloads offer less information on listener behavior, so it’s highly recommended that you distribute your podcast through a single method, like RSS Feeds or widgets.

Do your fans access your content on-demand, or while you’re live?

You’ll find the answer to this question in the Play Details tab, as well as a time-based overview on when people listen in by toggling the timeframe between days, weeks, and months. See detailed stats on each of your episodes, or, if you have multiple podcasts, get an overview of your entire account.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.44.23

These stats show three specific types of ways of listening in, also known as plays: on demand, live, and downloads. If your podcast is featured on iHeart Radio or is shared on YouTube, those plays will get counted in the on-demand listens. If you distribute your podcasts to Apple Podcasts, then those plays will get counted in downloads.

Track your listeners’ love

Knowing which of your episodes and podcasts are more popular helps you better understand what your listeners like. Use this information to analyze your content and develop it further in the following episodes. Likes are like hints to your listeners’ interests, which you can communicate to new sponsors and partners.


Measure how they listen to your podcast

Understanding whether your listeners prefer to tune in to your podcast from a mobile app or from a website is important in helping you decide the perfect length for your episodes, as well as your speech rhythms. Let’s say, for example, your listeners prefer to listen to your podcast on mobile; it’s very probable that they’re doing something else at the same time, like housecleaning or jogging, or commuting to work. Your approach would be quite different from a podcaster whose audience prefers to tune in from a website or iHeartRadio.

Moreover, you‘ll see which external directory your podcast is getting referred to from, like iTunes, iHeartRadio, YouTube, or an embedded widget.

Upgrading to a Broadcaster Pro plan or higher gives you a helpful overview of where your listeners are tuning in from. Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, and other networks are all traceable and clearly displayed.


Where are your listeners tuning in from?

Whether your podcast is local or international, you can get a breakdown of where your listeners are based with the Geolocation section. These stats refer to all plays made through the website, as well as downloads. They offer important info like what time (and in what timezone) you should share your content, as well as which potential sponsors or advertisers to approach.

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Which gender and age group are your listeners?

By knowing the exact demographics (gender and age group) of your listeners, you can take your podcast to the next level by better targeting your message, and offering it to prospective advertisers. This information is only available for plays made through Spreaker and is derived from users who have signed up to our service.

If you want to know more about how to measure your podcast analytics, take a look at the dedicated section in our Help Center. For a bigger picture of Spreaker listeners and their habits, check out this infographic.

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    Hello, could i know how to know my total plays? I can only see donwloads and live plays. Moreover, how do you measure a play? Only when the podcast is played from the beginning to the end or even if the listener reaches a certain amount of seconds of playing? Thank you so much

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