Meet the Team Volume 17 #Massimiliano

And yet, we have another new team member to introduce to you – meet Massimiliano, our new Front-end Developer. When he’s not working on making Spreaker easier to use, he’ll be plotting practical jokes on the rest of us. Bring it on!

Hi! Thanks for doing this interview with us and taking time out of your busy schedule. How are you?

Fine, and when temperatures rise above zero degrees I’ll be even better!

Can you introduce yourself and let us know what you do at Spreaker?

My name is Massimiliano, I am 30 years old, and I’m Spreaker’s new Font-end Developer. I’ll be working on making Spreaker faster and more convenient to use.

Great! How did you start your job at Spreaker?

I’ve known and followed Spreaker for a long time, and have known Marco for even longer (from high school). Then I noticed they were looking for a Front-end Developer in Berlin, and tried my luck – and now here I am!

So, which Spreaker feature do you like the most?

I think its ability to give everyone the opportunity to create and broadcast their own show is great!

Us too! Can you give us a few reasons why it’s great working at Spreaker?

The guys are great, and here I have a chance to innovate, learn and experiment new technologies – and Berlin is really wonderful!

Even if you are a newbie, do you have any fun memories that you would like to share?

Nothing special at the moment, but since I like playing jokes, I am sure it will happen soon!

We’re looking forward to them. What are your favorite podcasts on Spreaker?

I like Never Stop Rock a lot!

Where can we find you on the internet?

On Twitter, my username is @massifassi.

Welcome, massifassi!


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