Meet the Team Volume 6 #Cristina



Hi Chris! Thank you for doing this interview with us! How are you?

Actually gasping in Buenos Aires’ summer heat (the thermometer says 41°C right now), but I’m not complaining: I love the summertime!

I’m kind of envious! Here in Europe we’re freezing! First, can you introduce yourself and let us know what you do at Spreaker?

My name is Cristina, and I’m 27 years old. I come from Milan, but I’ve been living in Argentina since 2009, where I work at the Spreaker’s press office spreading its features on this marvelous continent. You probably heard my interview with Celeste North last week, and maybe read some of my posts on my thematics blog.

No doubt, it was a great interview! So, how did you start your job at Spreaker?

I do perfectly remember that day: I was in Bologna and just came back from my first journey in South America, waiting for my application to the Buenos Aires University PhD’s program to be accepted, wondering what else I could have done in my life (the academic expectation could be so terribly long). As usual, I checked Giovanna Cosenza’s blog (something that I highly recommend to those who understand Italian and are interested in media) were I found a post about an internship. I sent an e-mail, rode my bike to the interview, and in the end was hired.

You were a really nice surprise for us :). Which Spreaker feature do you like the most?

I love the app, indeed! I know all my colleagues have said it, but trust me: I experiment with this feature everyday and how it could be powerful in countries where the accessibility to news/infos is not so easy. Furthermore, I like the DJ console: it’s so authentic ON AIR and really driven by panic! 🙂

Can you give us a few reasons why it’s great working at Spreaker?

Looking back on this 2011, on it’s so-called social revolutions, it makes me proud to think that I have been part of it as member of Spreaker’s team. I confess that when I first realized that in Libya there were people using Spreaker to defend their rights I was seriously moved. Moreover, it makes me glad to be part of this team: I challenge you guys to find any other work to be so globalized but so united at the same time.

Totally agree! Do you have any fun memories that you would like to share?

In September we had the pleasure to stream some of the events at Social Media Week here in Buenos Aires in a university where the where provider wasn’t working that day…..aaargh! You can’t imagine what we had to come up with to solve the problem! And this is what I find funny about working in South America: they never stop smiling, no matter what the problem…finding the most bizarre solutions!

What are your favorite podcasts on Spreaker?

Let me recommend my newest discovery: she’s Mercedes Ferrer, listen to what she has done you wont regret it!

Awesome! What drives you crazy?

Cars parked on the bike path!

Where can we find you on the internet?

Tweet me @crivoto and it would be my pleasure to reply back!

Gracias Chris! 🙂

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