More info on your audio storage

Just hours after launching our new dashboard we received tons of feedback from you guys. In light of your thoughts and concerns, we’ll tackle your most common questions and clear up a few things.

Allow us to explain our new audio storage feature.

Depending on which plan you have, you’ll have a specific number of audio hours (including both tracks and podcasts) to work with, for instance with Broadcaster you’ll have 500 hours, or with Anchorman 1500. Going over these hours blocks your ability to broadcast, meaning you’ll have to eliminate at least some of your content in order to keep it under limits. If you don’t, once you try broadcasting, a message will pop up reminding you to delete your files. Deleting your content will not cause any of your stats to change, of course.

And, regarding your statistics, we didn’t put them somewhere different (as most of you had asked us), they’re still there in your podcast’s page. Just check the “Statistics” tab.

Our dashboard is will be constantly be improving, so keep your eye out for details that will make your broadcasting experience better than ever. Happy broadcasting, peeps!

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  • MAROZ Radio Jan 26, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Hi guys,
    I don’t have the “Statistics” tab on my page. All I have is “Dashboard”, “Your Shows”, “Your Episodes”, and “Your Music Library”. Do I have to look somewhere different to find it?

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