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Music in Podcasts, Aaron Roden, Air-Raid Podcast – Spreaker Live Show #45

Spreaker Live Show host and Head of Content Rob Greenlee answers comments and listener discussion about the new controversial podcasting research calledPodcasting at a Crossroadsand discusses Music in Podcasts with Aaron Roden, Host of theAir-Raid Podcastsince 2010 and now part of the Adore.fm Podcast Network in episode 45 from Feb 10th, 2016.

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We got some great comments about last weeks “Podcasting at a Crossroads” episode #44

Podcast Show Host Gail Nobles commented“I don’t understand what’s holding things back. The only thing I can think of is competition and money. Those two things affect a lot of things in our world. Podcasting is just as good as anything. Especially in this day and age of computer and internet. Podcasting is great, and it’s great for writers and bloggers. When there was only radio, you had to listen and there was nothing to read. Podcast is about audio and reading because of the Internet. I love the name “Podcast”. Gail, I agree the name podcast is not really holding it back, but is still not as easy to listen and find what you might like yet. Technology will get better and help.”

  • Elsie & Jessica on ShePodcast Show – Said in audio clips played in this episode:
  • Bridge Ratings Podcast Research – 1
  • Podcasting is To Hard – Short Listening-2
  • Downloading vs. Streaming-3
  • Podcast Name Change to On Demand Audio-4

Show Discussion Topics:

  • Before we get into learning about your Air-Raid Podcast…Tell us about your background?
  • How did the Air-Raid show start?
  • Tell us about coming episode with actor Jack Quaid (son of Dennis and Meg Ryan) to discuss his February 14th Premiere of HBO’s new series ‘Vinyl’
  • Tell us about some of your other favorite episodes of your show
  • How do you get legal music into your podcast?
  • You have done LIVE stage event recordings of your show.. Was it helpful?
  • How should podcasting move forward to unlock it’s potential?

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