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New Alexa Updates! Fast Forward and Rewind Podcasts and Get Show Recommendations


After launching on Amazon’s Alexa last October, we have been working hard to expand the abilities available to listeners, making for an even more intuitive, enjoyable and involving user experience – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy some of the best podcasts around.

In case you aren’t already aware of what Amazon’s Alexa is, they are the new wireless, voice-activated ‘smart speakers’ by Amazon, which feature a personal assistant voice service named ‘Alexa’. These devices include Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

To give you an idea of what you can do with Alexa, check out this video:

With the original version of Spreaker on Alexa, listeners were able to select specific podcasts to listen to and could pause, resume, skip and more. However, the latest version has added new features to upgrade the listener experience and make sure you never miss a second of your favourite show again! A new option includes the ability to 
fast forward or rewind episodes, giving you complete control of how you navigate a programme.

Imagine the scenario, we’ve all been there, you’re listening to an interview and the doorbell rings, you come back and you’ve missed something vital to the discussion – irritating no? Well, never fear, rewind as much you need to make sure you don’t miss anything, or perhaps you’re listening to a factual podcast and you need to take notes but they’re covering irrelevant ground – don’t waste your time, fast forward and get to the bit that interests you.

All you need to do is say:

Alexa, ask Spreaker to Fast Forward 2 minutes


Alexa, ask Spreaker to Rewind 30 seconds

Another exciting new feature is the option to ask for recommendations allowing for improved discovery experience. If you’re someone who often doesn’t know where to begin with choosing a podcast, you can ask Alexa to help you decide – you can ask what’s new on Speaker and also ask for listening recommendations. This means you no longer have to trawl through and search for yourself to find something to listen to!

To get some suggestions, just ask:

Alexa, what’s new this week on Spreaker?


Alexa, ask Spreaker to recommend something new

Also, Spreaker’s reach is now even more international – if you are a listener based in Canada, Australia or India you can now access the Skill in your country. All you need to do is enable it from the dedicated Alexa Skill page on the Amazon website, or activate it from the Alexa App (search for the Spreaker Podcast Radio Player skill), and then you will be ready to go!

Amazon’s Alexa is revolutionising how people consume their media and they are the ideal gift for that tech fan in your life. has predicted that Amazon Echo is the number one trend for 2018, with over 15 million units already shipped, it proves that this way of enjoying content is here to stay. The tradition of families enjoying storytelling around the fireplace, which started with the radio and moved to television, is now returning to its audio roots via podcasts. Also, it’s extremely family-friendly with over 50,000 shows to choose from in the Spreaker catalog there’s something in there for everyone in the family to listen to.

Enable the skill now at this link.

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