NEW! Direct publishing from Hindenburg to Spreaker

We’re pleased to announce the integration of Spreaker with audio editing tool Hindenburg. The union will allow Hindenburg’s users the opportunity to publish quickly, easily and directly to Spreaker and therefore potentially reach thousands of new podcast listeners.

Hindenburg’s software was originally designed to suit the needs of journalists and reporters, providing a simple audio recording solution. Nowadays, it offers a range of products available to suit all levels of audio producer and podcasters, from independent story-tellers to large professional organizations and even schools / educational institutions. For Spreaker users, the integration will allow podcasters to have a seamless flow for publishing their episodes directly to Spreaker. There is no need to export files manually or upload them, just a couple of clicks and you’ll be published. Plus, by using Hindenburg’s editing tools, Spreaker users will be able to create high-quality content – fundamental to great podcasts.

As Spreaker is already fully-integrated with the system, you can begin publishing immediately. To start, all you need to do is open the Hindenburg the desktop app and once you have your content, select the ‘Publish’ icon, click the ‘+’ symbol and select ‘Spreaker’ as your ‘Publish Target’.

Then, set the loudness level to ‘-16 LUFS’ and you’re ready to go!  

We hope all of ours and Hindenburg’s users enjoy experimenting with the new possibilities.

As ever, happy podcasting!

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