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NEW: Distribute Globally on Deezer

We’re constantly working to find partnerships that will be of benefit our amazing community of podcasters, so we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Deezer! While our parent company Voxnest announced a partnership with Deezer in late 2018, this new arm of the union allows shows hosted on Spreaker to be directly distributed to Deezer, an online music streaming platform.

Distribution from Spreaker’s CMS and our Spreaker Studio app is already a breeze, but now we’re giving you the chance to reach an even wider audience by enabling show sharing straight to Deezer’s platform. Deezer, headquartered in France, is one of the largest global music streaming services in the world with 56 million music tracks that reach their 14 million active users in more than 180 countries. 

Deezer users will also have the benefit of being able to directly access the incredible shows that our users are publishing everyday! 

Ready to start sharing your show on Deezer? Whether you’re utilizing Spreaker’s CMS or Spreaker Studio, distribution to Deezer is just like any other distribution platform, and the simple process is detailed in this post.

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