New Feature: Introducing auto-ducking on Spreaker Studio for Android!

We’ve got an exciting update for Android users! Now you can enjoy our latest auto-ducking feature on Spreaker Studio!

Auto-ducking is the ideal tool to help you regulate your vocal and track levels. By enabling it, track and music volumes will automatically lower as soon as you start talking into the microphone. It’s perfect for voiceovers while using the Playlist or Tracks decks.

You can enable auto-ducking by tapping on the duck symbol at the bottom of the console. Just toggle it to ON, and you’ll be able to set the audio levels whichever way you prefer based on the microphone and track volumes. To bring everything back to its original settings, just double-tap on the sliders.

With this update, we’ve covered auto-ducking on all of our Spreaker Studio apps for all devices, including iOS and desktop for Mac and Windows. It’s continuous quality no matter which operating system you’re using.

You can download the update now and tell us what you think with a review. Just access the Settings section and go to Rate This App. If you’re new to Spreaker, download the app here.

And for any questions, don’t forget to check out our Help Center for info on Spreaker Studio for Android/iOS/desktop.

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