New features: episode page for easy sharing

There will be a whirlwind of changes happening to Spreaker during the next couple of weeks. Things may seem daunting at first, but trust us, you’ll take to it like fish to water. Creating podcasts and sharing them to your social networks have never sounded so good.

What’s new and pretty to look at this week? The new episode page!

It’s all laid out clearly, and you have quick access to everything you need. You can play, share, and download just as you had before, but it’s oh so much more!

Your episode’s description now heads the page, informing you immediately on what it’s all about. Just below that you’ve got a playlist of all the tracks included in the episode, where you can access them directly. Click on one and your seek bar will take you there.

Leave messages on the episode’s wall, too. Start a dialogue specific to the topics addressed, or just let the podcaster know how much they rock.

Moving to the the right, towards the top, you’ve got your options to listen to the episode on your default media player.

Included is a link to the podcast that the episode belongs to, and below that you can check out its stats.

Lastly, a list of the most popular episodes of that podcast are listed as suggestions for you, ranked in popularity.

See? Piece of cake. Things are only getting better.

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