New Features: New Statistics Page on your Dashboard!

Did you notice the new Statistics page in your Dashboard? Keep an eye on how your podcasts and episodes are doing at just a glance.

Click on the “Statistics” tab and get an overview of how many listeners you’ve attracted, and how many times they’ve tuned in. You’ll get specific stats on both your podcast and episodes, calculated every hour.

Not only will you see the number of total plays and listeners your podcast has accumulated, get an idea of the overall popularity of your podcast too.

Even your episodes get the same treatment, with specific stats on them as well.

Now you can also see which of your episodes has had the most success with your fans.

With easier access to your stats and more specific info available, you’ll have a better idea of how to approach building up and publicizing your podcast through content and social media. In fact, for tips on how to generate buzz, take a look here.

Look around, try it out, and broadcast away!

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