New Features on Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS!

Not long ago we told you what’s going on with Spreaker’s apps, and how we’re working on matching the listening and podcasting experiences on our iOS apps with our Android counterparts. Well, this very week we’re rolling out two new and exciting features on Spreaker Podcast Radio. Take a look:

Find new curated lists with a freshened up Explore section

Easily discover new and popular podcasts by browsing through curated lists based on different topics like tech, traveling, and pop culture. While most of these lists were put together by Spreaker’s own editorial team, others are contributions from our partners and famous publications. Listen to recommendations by The New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

Furthermore, by tapping on “See all” on each list, you’ll see every podcast that pertains to it displayed. Tap on the more symbol (the three dots) to get a quick look at the show’s info and what it’s all about, or to share it with friends. Tap on the show’s artwork to see all of its episodes.

Rewind and fast forward through episodes through the new episode view

Have direct control over what you’re listening to with a more intuitive interface. Tap on the episode you want to listen to to kick off its mini player, located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on that mini player to see the new, full episode view. From here you can like what you’re listening to, leave a comment, or share it with friends. You can also rewind or fast forward, or toggle the slider to get to a specific minute mark on that episode (unless it’s a live stream).

Sound exciting or what? More updates that will further optimize your listening experience will come soon, including personalized auto-generated playlists and channels; stay tuned!

Download the app now to try it all out, and then tell us what you think in the comments below. For any technical questions, feel free to email us here.

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