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New release of Spreaker Radio for iOS!

stats-ios2-1warmWe’re always tweaking and touching up our Spreaker apps for you, to give you the best creation and listening tools we can.
Now we’re happy to give you another great update on Spreaker Radio for iOS that will improve your user experience.
Here’s what you can do with the new release:

See our new approach to Sources in your Statistics with more readable charts, as well as added plays from your Youtube-shared episodes. Now you can get all the data you need on the go, even when you’re offline.
Try out our newly streamlined chat system, combining the live-stream chat boxes and comments into one fluid conversation. Add emojis, too, to give some color to your banter.
Soon our iOS apps will follow suit with our recent Android releases – Spreaker Studio for iOS will be coming soon, in just a couple of months, featuring a complete new system entirely focused on audio content creation. Spreaker Radio will be dedicated to listeners, simplifying the path to finding content and pumping it to your eardrums.
Got something to say about Spreaker Radio? Let us know below!

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