Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden Guest Co-hosts on STFU with Rodney & Lizzy Q!

We spoke to Rodney of STFU with Rodney & Lizzy Q on his recent podcast episode featuring Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden! Read on for tips on how they go about finding guests for their show, and what it’s like to have a super musician cracking jokes alongside you.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

STFU with Rodney & Lizzy Q is a collective group of individuals all with one goal, to make a really fun podcast that our fans can enjoy. Rodney Badger is a local South Florida comic who decided he wanted a way to reach more fans. He came up with the idea of doing a podcast last year. Rodney held auditions for a Co-Host and his friend Liz McHugh (pronounced McQ) tried out for the show. Right away Rodney could tell that they had great chemistry. Liz had some broadcasting experience from her home state of Indiana, so it only made sense that she be part of the show. After a few months of doing a prerecorded show, the fans demanded a LIVE podcast. STFU with Rodney & Lizzy Q experimented with many different live streaming websites and then fell in love with Spreaker. Things were going well, but we were still missing a few pieces. Blair Dimitro, another friend and fan of the show, asked if he could help out. Blair has a great voice for radio, a good sense of humor and he brings a great business sense to the show. To help Rodney not have to carry so much of the show load, we added Mike Mottola and Rick Miskovsky. Mike has great timing and always has a “one-liner” when we need it. Rick came aboard to run our DJ Console and our mixing board. He is our sound engineer. We also have our two interns, Ashleigh Drummond and Omar Colom. These two help us with set up, tear down, running errands, keeping our guests happy and running our chat room. They really help us in preparation of the show. So we are a motley crew, but we all bring something to the show and our mission is just to make our listeners feel like they are sitting with us in their living rooms and laughing together. We also have a few other people that work hard in many different avenues, promotion, planning, writing, brainstorming, recruiting talent etc…: Jackie Danca, Amanda “Woody” Peck, Cristina Feliciano, Ashley Ruedinger, Matt Bellak, Talya Alhadeff, Joe McHugh, Crystal Hicks-Badger, James DeDiemar and Holly Harijan. We feel that with our small family we can achieve great things. We know we can’t do it alone so we do it together.

What a team, nice to meet you all! What is your show all about?

Our podcast is geared towards an 18 year old and over crowd. We are an Adult Themed podcast, and we discuss many mature themes with language not appropriate for kids. However, we feel we have a wide target audience and that our original segments/topics will keep our audience entertained. We have many different segments that we do each week. Some of these include: Homo Headliners, Mysteries of the Universe, Smooth Criminals, Crazy Q’s with Lizzy Q, The Worst 15 Seconds in Radio History, Stupid Stats of the Week and many more. We also try to highlight local artists. We have had several local musicians as well as comics on the show. We want to give these local artists a place where they can share their talent with a broader audience as well as get experience doing live interviews. We also get out in to our communities to promote local businesses and bars by having a meet and greet with our fans at these different locations. This helps us to promote our show as well as help to bring some much needed business to these different venues. Our show is not for everyone, the language and subject matter is adult themed, we are opinionated and not afraid to speak our minds.

You’ve had some amazing guests – how do you contact them? How do you approach inviting guests to your show?

We work very hard to network in our community. Every month we go out to a different local bar for what we call “Night Out w/STFU!” and we use this opportunity to thank our fans and to make new ones. We average around 50 fans per event. Also, one of our Co-Host’s, Blair Dimitro, is our “Man About Town” but he is also the person who goes out and recruits the talent that we have on our show. We also go out to support all the local artists, bands, painters, poets, comics etc… whenever we can. This helps us to recruit talent to be guests on our podcasts.

How about Nicko McBrain (of Iron Maiden), how did you get in contact with him?

Blair Dimitro has known Nicko McBrain for many years. One day Blair and Nicko were playing golf when they started to talk about the podcast. Nicko was intrigued by the concept of the show. After a few weeks we worked out a date. He didn’t want to be just interviewed at the end of the show; he really wanted to participate in all of our crazy segments. After negotiating a date around his busy schedule we were able to book him as one of our guests.

What were you hoping in having him as a guest?

Nicko is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He really worked hard with us to make the show a success. We still were not sure what we were going to get and we were a little nervous with him being our first real big celebrity. We were hoping that he would really participate in our different segments and we were not disappointed.

How did you come up with the idea of “crashing” Nicko’s own restaurant and hosting there?

We had been toying with the idea for a Live Podcast on location for some time. Our fans have asked us to do a remote Live show so they could see what it’s like to do the podcast. We mentioned this to Nicko that we wanted to use his restaurant, Rock N Roll Ribs, for our first remote podcast . We were able to pack the restaurant and the fans of the show were not disappointed. Nicko was really great. He stayed after the show to sign autographs and take countless pictures with everyone who came.

Awesome! Any interesting stories on that particular episode that didn’t make it on the air?

This episode was one of our longest. I think if you listen to our show, you will hear how much fun we have making the show. We really enjoy each other as co-hosts and friends. We have become a family. The best part for us was how excited Nicko was and he was really funny. Since our show is live, we didn’t cut anything out. However, when we had little breaks in the show to play our intro’s or promo’s, it was really great to see Nicko get excited about the next topic of conversation.

It really was an excellent episode. What was your favorite moment of that show?

There were so many but the two that stick out were when we were talking about the DIY (Do it yourself) sex toys where Nicko was commenting on the ivory soap and drill was really funny. Also, when he was telling us the story when he first saw a transgendered woman and he thought it was a woman. When he got a closer look and he said “She’s a geezer!”

How did you go about publicizing the episode?

We publicize the show on Facebook and Twitter. We also had a really great local band, Oblivious Signal on the show as well. Oblivious Signal has a publicist who wrote an article and promoted the show on the internet. We also put flyers up at Rock N Roll Ribs so that Nicko’s fans could check the show out. We also promoted at our monthly “Night Out w/STFU!”, printing flyers and business cards with the information about our show.

Any other guests or events coming up on the show? Either from Iron Maiden or other bands?

We are always bringing on local artists. Our goal is to always have some form of artist on our show to promote themselves. We are still talking with Nicko McBrain on many different projects for the show. Nicko has suggested we have a Battle of The Bands competition utilizing our show to promote and select winners. The winning bands would get a chance to play live in the finals at Rock N Roll Ribs. This is still a work in progress, but we do think that we will have the details finalized in the coming months. Nicko mentioned to me that he really enjoyed the experience and that he would be open to doing the show again. The great thing about our podcast is that you never really know who may be our next guest. We really want our fans to feel like they are sitting with us in our living room and making them laugh. Promoting local businesses and local artists has been a real pleasure for us. The thing that our guests love about our show is that they feel like they can be themselves and their fans can get a taste of what they are really about. We give them the opportunity to talk about what ever they want but in a relaxed and sometimes crazy atmosphere.

Thanks so much guys, keep up the great work!

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