Now you can broadcast LIVE in one click


Broadcasting your live show has never been easier!

In just one click you will be able to create a new episode, and using the link “more options” you can add all the information to describe your show and give more details about you. Tags, categories and description will help you to be found by the community. If you host more than one show, the Broadcast page will open directly to the last episode but you can chose for which of them you are going to create a new one.

Are you ready to go live? Click on the broadcast button and open the new Deejay Console. Here you can decide to broadcast a live show or just record an episode. Scheduling a program is no longer required, you can broadcast a live at any time! For sharing your episodes on Facebook, connect your Spreaker profile with Facebook Connect and keep your Facebook wall updated. Lots of news to be discovered also in the Edit page, so what are you waiting for? Try the new features and give us your feedbacks.

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