Our Podcast Categories Have Had a Refresh

We’ve made a simple change that’s going to have a big impact on how listeners find you: we’ve updated our categories. Why is this so important? The latest version of Spreaker’s categories are now the same as Apple Podcasts’ categories making for quicker, better, categorization for you! 

Spreaker Categories: What’s new?

To guarantee podcasters that our catalog is always up-to-date with industry changes and trends, we’ve created completely new categories, added tons of subcategories and reorganized how certain categories are listed. 

We’ve added 10 new categories (including Fiction, History and True Crime) and lots of new and dedicated subcategories – including language learning, science fiction and nutrition to name a few. The increased subcategories allow producers to get super specific when listing your podcast. For example, the Sports category now has a subcategory for every sport, so if you’re podcasting about golf – let people know and help your audience to find you! In short, more specific targeting, means improved listener discoverability and in turn increased monetization potential!

On the audience side it makes it much easier to find podcasts that suit their interests. On the Spreaker homepage all of the new categories will be available for listeners to quickly find podcasts about their favorite topics and niche interests. 

How do I update my Podcast Categories?

We’ve already updated our Spreaker categories and did our best to find the most appropriate for your podcast but just to be sure we would recommend double checking your podcast’s settings, and if your RSS Customization is enabled, checking your RSS feed settings as well, to guarantee the category set is the most appropriate for your content. 

To do so, head to your CMS choose the podcast you want to adjust, select ‘Basic info’ under your podcast settings. If you customized you podcast’s RSS Feed, make sure to check also the ‘RSS Customization’ page.

Enjoy making the most of the new categorization possibilities!

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  1. My podcast fits most every category under business, however, we can only select one category – possible to add several?

    • Hello, thank you so much for this question. Unfortunately, our customer support team does not monitor the comments of this blog so if you’d like an answer to your question, I would recommend that you send an email to support@spreaker.com.

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